Eyewear and Trends: New Frame Products


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Photographed by Nedjeljko Matura

Viva: Tommy Hilfiger Eyewear

For the young and young at heart
Viva International Group launches the Tommy Hilfiger ophthalmic collection, consisting of more than 20 styles. Targeted to men, women and children, the new collection offers updated classic American styles with a twist—combining timeless designs with the latest fashion trends. Frame options include laminated plastics, flat metals, three-piece mounts and styles that incorporate Magic Clip magnetic clip-on technology. Shapes are variations on rectangles and ovals. Colors range from metal tones to rich shades of brown, blue, burgundy, navy and red with distinctive finishes. A red, white and blue Tommy Hilfiger flag logo on the inner temple tips is an exclusive signature detail for the new line. A sunwear collection is scheduled for January 2004.
PHIILOSOPHY: “This new collection delivers a quality eyewear product at an attractive price point. On a design note, the classic and clean lines of the eyewear truly represent the spirit of this popular all-American fashion brand,” says Debbie Lochli, Viva vice president, brand management.
MARKETING: Merchandising materials include three- and six-place tray displays, kit, countercard, banner, logo plaque and window sticker. Each frame comes with a navy hard case.
PRICE POINT: $$ to $$$.
AVAILABILITY: Fall 2003. For additional information, contact Viva International Group, (800) 345-VIVA; web site:
Allison: GF Ferré Eyewear

A new look for young urbanites
In conjunction with the GF Ferré clothing and accessories launch, Allison Eyewear introduces the GF Ferré eyewear collection. “GF” stands not only for the designer’s initials, but also for his new motto “Going Forward.” Targeted to young men and women between the ages of 20 and 35 in tune with the urban vibe, the eyewear collection contains 33 ophthalmic frames and 24 sunglasses. Each style is offered in four colors, ranging from camel to blue, brown, black and red. Frame materials consist of metal, plastic (including triple laminates) and metal/plastic combinations. The predominant shapes are variations on rectangles.
PHIILOSOPHY: “GF Ferré is a new concept where the world of young people and urban life all come together—different, yet with a very close bond,” says designer Gianfranco Ferré. “I got the idea from observing today’s young people. They are individuals free of age restrictions, geographic boundaries and personal limitations. Their life is a never-ending journey across worlds in which different styles co-exist with total ease.”
MARKETING:  Merchandising materials include one- and four-place displays and countercards. Each frame comes with a case.
PRICE POINT: $$$ to $$$$.
AVAILABILITY: Fall 2003. For additional information, contact Allison Eyewear, (877) 255-5757; web site:
Boji Optical: Zens

Reaching out to the everyday consumer
Boji Optical International  presents Zens, a collection of trendy styles targeted to adults between the ages of 18 and 40. The line, which is manufactured in Japan, consists of 18 ophthalmic styles and 12 sunglasses. The ophthalmic frames are made of titanium, including milled titanium, plastic or a combination of both plastic and titanium. The sunglasses are stainless steel and equipped with CR-39 lenses. Shapes are variations on bowties, butterflies, cat eyes, ovals and rectangles with such design elements as modern takes on the double bridge. Colors range from silver to blue, green, purple and red.
PHIILOSOPHY: “Our goal with Zens was to create a fashion-forward collection at moderate price points,” says Boji national sales director Michael Papineau. “Our eyewear is designed to bring energy to the frame boards at prices that will also increase the retailer’s profit margin.”
MARKETING: Merchandising materials include an eight-place flat metal display and two countercards. Each frame comes with a hard case and cleaning cloth.
AVAILABILITY: Now. For additional information, contact Boji Optical International, (888) 621-4248; web site: