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Eyewear Designs:
Donald J. Trump Signature Collection

Creating a professional image

Eyewear Designs announces its Donald J. Trump Signature Collection, which takes its name from the consummate businessman and preeminent developer of quality real estate. Aimed at the sophisticated eyewear consumer who understands the importance of image, the new eyewear line consists of five men’s and four women’s ophthalmic styles in metal, including stainless steel, plastic and metal/plastic combinations. Shapes are variations on rectangles and ovals. Colors range from classic metal tones to shades of black, brown, eggplant, rose and tortoise. Most styles are equipped with spring hinges

PHILOSOPHY: “We are extremely excited to partner with the Trump Organization. The timing is perfect. With Donald Trump’s long standing success as a prominent businessman and his recent accolades with his top ranked reality TV show, it’s clear that his popularity has reached enormous heights. He is the very definition of the American success story,” says Andrea Gluck, Eyewear Designs co-president. “Eyewear Designs has all of the qualities I look for in a business partner… drive, integrity, vision and an entrepreneurial spirit,” adds Donald Trump. “Eyewear Designs’ commitment to excellence is the reason we have forged this relationship.”

MARKETING: Merchandising materials include a one-place display and logo plaque. Each frame comes with a black hard case.

: $$. For additional information, contact Eyewear Designs, (800) 645-6596; web site: www.eyeweardesigns.com

From right: Donald Trump 06, Donald Trump 05, Donald Trump 07

Donald J. Trump has continually set the standards of excellence while expanding his interests in real estate, gaming, sports and entertainment. Also an accomplished author, Trump’s first autobiography, “The Art of the Deal,” became one of the most successful business best-sellers of all time, having sold in excess of
three million copies.

Allison: Vision/Mercedes-Benz

Modern classics

Allison USA introduces Vision/Mercedes-Benz, a collection of 24 ophthalmic styles complemented by a selection of sunglasses for men and women. Characterized by the luxury and technical standards both in terms of quality and style for which the vehicle company is renowned, the eyewear is constructed around a consistent look and feel, featuring signature elements throughout the line. Nose pieces are made of soft thermoplastic rubber over a flexible metal core to provide individualized fit and are accented with the Mercedes star. Temples have a metal core covered by hard plastic and flex hinges. Temple tips are thermoplastic rubber. Sunglasses are equipped with Zeiss lenses. Some styles feature one of the following performance lenses: polarized; ProGolf, heightening contrast for optimum visibility; and Skylet Road for excellent color perception and clarity.

: “Mercedes-Benz is a name that needs no introduction. Like the vehicle designs, the eyewear collection has been created to meet the highest demands in terms of quality and style for a very exclusive and sophisticated consumer. This eyewear collection combines modern shapes with classic design—the perfect look for those who love elegance and comfort,” says Allison CEO Paul Diaz Asper.

MARKETING: Merchandising materials include a four-place display, posters, countercards of various sizes and an informational brochure on the lenses.

PRICE POINT: $$$$ to $$$$$. For additional information, contact Allison USA,
(877) 255-5757; web site: www.allisonusa.com

From top: Mercedes-Benz 00801, Mercedes-Benz 00601, Mercedes-Benz 50702

Mercedes-Benz USA (MBUSA) sold 221,610 vehicles in the U.S. during 2004, setting the highest sales volume in its history and achieving 11 years of consecutive sales growth. In addition to its vehicles and its new eyewear collection, Mercedes has recently introduced watches and leather goods, all taking their direction from the Mercedes-Benz philosophy: “In order for a design to define time, it must stand above fashionable trends, be simple, yet functional, and be created from the finest materials available in the highest standards possible.”

L'Amy: Captive

Versatile and elegant...with a hint of daring

L’Amy captures the essence of the ultra-modern, active woman with its new Captive line. Targeting women over 40 who want a clean, sophisticated look, the French-made frames use the latest in technology to provide functionality, comfort and stylish, but not extravagant, design. Included are three metals and two plastic/metal frames offered in a range of solid and two-tone colors in such combinations as sanguine/pink, chocolate/orange and black/red. Shapes are variations on upswept rectangles in fully rimmed and semi-rimless designs accented with split temples. .

: “This is the launch of a new brand… This is very exciting… With the debut of Captive, L’Amy is totally rebuilding its line and message, making the most of the Lunettes L’Amy brand, with an emphasis on design and technology,” says Agnes Bonnaventure, managing director of L’Amy operational unit. “The goal of the brand is to meet the expectations of consumers seeking reliable products approved by opticians, yet at the same time offer styling that is versatile, elegant and daring.”

MARKETING: Merchandising materials include one- and two-place displays, posters and countercards. Each frame comes with a black case.

PRICE POINT: $$$. For additional information, contact L’Amy, (800) USA-LAMY; web site: www.lamyamerica.com

From top: Captive 2010, Captive 1010, Captive 1012

Under the umbrella of the Metro Collection (synonymous with modern), L’Amy is launching two lines: Captive for women and Origa for men, both focusing on design and technology.



Charmant: CFX Charmant Flex

Alloy with memory and more...

Charmant Group USA introduces CFX Charmant Flex, a line of memory metal eyewear. CFX is a metal alloy constructed of 49 percent titanium and 51 percent nickel and is used in the bridge, top bar and temples of this new collection, resulting in flexibility 10 times more elastic than spring steel, thus allowing the benefits of spring hinges without the spring. Additionally, stress is shifted from the endpiece to the temples. The alloy is also 25 percent lighter than conventional metals, resists kinks and breakage, is corrosion resistant (almost the same resistance as pure titanium) and three times more elastic than beta titanium. Because of these qualities, CFX has the ability to retain the shape set originally by the dispenser. Included are nine styles ranging from classic, including double-bridge designs, to modern and sporty. Frame colors are antique shades of brown, gray and green as well as black, demi-brown, light brown and burgundy. Lenses are offered in rectangular, round and square shapes. The four sport styles feature a mono-block hinge and elastomer cushion temple tips. CFX Charmant Flex is also featured within Charmant’s Aristar brand with four classic men’s styles.

:“CFX offers the same high quality for which Charmant has always been known coupled with styling and functionality—an ideal mix for the customer who is on the go,” says Charmant product manager Michele Ziss.

MARKETING: The collection is supported with a six-place display, countercards, poster, board sign and static cling sign.

PRICE POINT: $$ to $$$. For additional information, contact Charmant Group USA, (800) 272-2042: web site: www.charmant.com


From top: CX7251, CX7252, CX7150

The Charmant Group began in 1956 as a manufacturer of spectacle parts. Through the development and improvement of its own original technology, Charmant then transformed itself into a general manufacturer of spectacle frames. In 1975, the group began direct sales to major retail stores in Japan and in 1980, Charmant started exporting. Charmant’s products are currently sold in more than 100 countries worldwide.



I-dealoptics: Haggar Eyewear

Timeless styling with a masculine flavor

Under a licensing agreement between I-dealoptics and the Dallas-based Haggar Clothing Co., a leading marketer of men’s and women’s casual and dress apparel, I-dealoptics launches Haggar Eyewear. Included are 16 ophthalmic and sun styles in a variety of monel, stainless steel/aluminum and plastic materials. Each model comes in three colors. Most are available in two sizes. Designed to complement other Haggar products such as shirts, pants and suits, the new line offers quality and classic styling at a value price. It will be available from I-dealoptics to optical retailers in North America and the U.K.

:“I-dealoptics is very pleased to become a licensee of Haggar. We wanted the synergies to fit and Haggar offers us the opportunity to introduce an original line with an emphasis on a men’s collection. We’re proud to join the already impressive line of Haggar products,” says I-dealoptics president and CEO Morton Feldman. “The agreement with I-dealoptics is an important extension for us since we had a desire to become part of the fast-growing branded eyewear industry. We looked for a company whose marketing concepts fit perfectly with Haggar’s strategic marketing plan and our search led us to I-dealoptics,” adds Frank Bracken, president and CEO of Haggar Clothing Co.

MARKETING: Merchandising materials will be available. Each sunglass comes with a leatherette clamshell case.

PRICE POINT: $ to $$. For additional information, contact I-dealoptics, (800) 758-6249; web site: www.i-dealoptics.com


From top: Haggar 106, Haggar 102, Haggar Sun 04

J.M. Haggar, Sr., a 34 year-old Lebanese immigrant who recognized the need for quality pants for the working man, founded Haggar Clothing Co. in 1926. Haggar was the first men’s wear company to market and advertise directly to the primary purchaser and influencer of men’s clothing—women. In the 1940s, Haggar coined the term “slacks.” In 1992, Haggar invented Haggar Wrinkle-Free Cotton Khaki pants.



Polariod and Europtik: 2006 Sunglasses Collection

Excellent price-performance ratio

To boost Polaroid’s lead in striving to provide the market with what the company says are the most effective polarizing filters, Polaroid joins forces with Europtik, a premier distributor for the U.S. market. Europtik introduces 60 Polaroid sunglasses for the 2006 collection this month. One of the trends is the retro look, a step back in time brought up to date with the latest wraparound shapes combined with the quality and technology of polarized lenses. Included are aviators and glitzy oversized frames, some with rhinestones. For those who prefer a more conservative design, classic styles are also available. Colors include shades of tortoise and black.

:“The trend toward purchasing polarized lenses is increasing with popularity. Whereas fashion used to be the primary, if not only consideration in sunglass choice, optimum quality and performance are now becoming a major factor as well,” says Jerry Bedingfield, Polaroid group manager of the Americas. “And Polaroid is the brand most recognized for polarized eye protection. With this new collection, customers will get not only a great looking pair of shades, but high-performance as well. Consumers are willing to pay a fair price for a quality package. This is what we deliver.”

MARKETING: Merchandising materials include sunglass lens testers, sunglass rotators, countercards, promotional materials and the 2006 sunglass collection catalog.

PRICE POINT: $. For additional information contact Europtik, (888) 627-7739; web site: www.europtikeyewear.com

From top: Europtik 2509 A , Europtik 8605 C , Europtik 8562 B


The Lens Works: Minima

Less is more

Under an agreement between The Lens Work, a specialty rimless lab based in Glendale, Calif., and Minima SAS, the French-based manufacturer of Minima Eyewear, The Lens Work has assumed the sole distribution of Minima Eyewear for the U.S. Targeted to consumers of all ages, Minima offers four rimless titanium ophthalmics designed for durability, ergonomic fit and extreme weightlessness. The Minima Sport line features a patented pivotal temple that folds within the curvature of the lens. More than 20 frame colors are available, ranging from black to gold to lilac. Colors can be mixed and matched and contrasting colored screws are an option.

:“As the newly established distributor for Minima U.S., The Lens Work is a full service rimless facility with a staff of technicians with years of experience in the fabrication of rimless eyewear,” says The Lens Work president and CEO Kelly Kim. “We see the union of the two companies as a perfect fit. We intend to develop Minima as a collection within a collection. This way each individual style receives its own cosmetic stamp of innovative lens treatments and shapes.”

MARKETING: The Minima line comes with a display tray, countercards and mirror. All of the frames are supported by a 10-year manufacturer’s warranty. Each style comes with a hard case and cleaning cloth.

PRICE POINT: $$$ to $$$$$ (lens treatments are extra). For additional information, contact
The Lens Work,
(877) 9MINIMA; web site: www.minimausa.com

From top: Minima M0, Minima Sun 2, Minima 4

As a specialist in titanium rimless designs, Minima focuses on technology. Its frames are made entirely in France, 20 miles south of Paris, and all of its innovations are patented. The curved design of the frame along with the flexibility of titanium makes the eyewear a
comfortable fit for any face shape.


Clariti: Konishi Flex

Flex with a memory

Clariti Eyewear has partnered with Japanese factories known for quality products to develop the Konishi Flex line, manufactured wholly in Japan. The frames are constructed of highly intelligent, adjustable memory metal that moves with the wearer without risk of losing lenses or shape, always returning to its original form. User friendly, the Konishi Flex collection is easy to adjust. With more than 60 styles for men, women and children, the designs and sizes offer options for every generation of eyeglass wearer. Colors range from vibrant tones of metallic teal, gleaming green and illuminated blue to rich burgundy and burnished metal tones.

:“We evaluated a need in the market for an expansive line of high-quality, flexible memory metals—a collection that could answer the needs of all age categories in a price range that is palatable for the industry’s profit margins as well as the consumer’s pocket,” says Clariti general manager Dominique Yonemoto.

MARKETING: Konishi Flex is offered with a two-year guarantee against manufacturer’s defect. Each frame comes with a metal clamshell case.

PRICE POINT: $$. For additional information, contact Clariti Eyewear, (800) 372-6372; web site: www.claritieyewear.com

From top: Konishi Flex 8086, Konishi Flex 8020, Konishi Flex 8103

Clariti Eyewear was started in a small warehouse space in 1993 with two employees: Dominique Yonemoto, a co-owner of Clariti Eyewear who has been in the eyewear business for 13 years, and her father, Paul Yoon, Clariti CEO, with well over 20 years of experience in the optical market.

Europtik: Guy Laroche Eyewear

Chicly understand

Under a licensing agreement with the European haute couture house Guy Laroche, Europtik launches a line of ophthalmic and sun styles to be distributed in the U.S. and U.S. Virgin Islands. Targeting men and women 35 and older who desire refined, understated styling, the line consists of 60 ophthalmic frames and 24 sunglasses. Frames are made of zyl, titanium, monel and zyl/metal combinations and are offered in full rimmed, semi-rimless and rimless designs. Following fashion trends, shapes are larger with elongated lines and soft angles, and come in soft, muted and neutral colors. Each piece is discreetly branded with initials either on the temples or the interior.

:“Our objective with the Guy Laroche line is to present a large collection in order to make a strong statement because we know that’s what the U.S. market needs when introducing a new brand,” says Europtik president Tom Clayton. “We also feel the recent exposure of Hillary Swank winning best actress, wearing a Guy Laroche design, and Drakkar Noir Cologne, will only enhance the brand exposure in the current market place.”

MARKETING: Merchandising materials include a 10-place display and countercards. Each style comes with a leather case with a cleaning cloth (black for men and white for women) and is packaged in an embossed white box.

PRICE POINT: $$$. For additional information, contact Europtik, (888) 627-7739; web site: www.europtikeyewear.com

From top: Guy Laroche 586, Guy Laroche 530, Guy Laroche 038

Guy Laroche opened his own couture house in 1957 with the goal of making dresses that are “simple and chic.” He became known as a creator of “real-life fashion” and was one of the first to offer a collection of separates for the U.S.