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Tura: Ted Baker Sunwear

Loaded with attitude

Tura adds the Ted Baker London sunwear collection for men and women to its ophthalmic line introduced last year. The 12 styles range from modern wraps to vintage aviators in solid colors and patterns, including ebony with zebra stripes, warm caramels and glitzy gold. Frame materials are monel, stainless steel and zyl. Lenses are made of polycarbonate, provide 100 percent UV protection and are available in a range of modern tints. .

Ted Baker 418 Elgin

Ted Baker adds a personal touch to each of his sunwear styles by naming them himself.

Ted Baker 420 Oharra 
PHILOSOPHY: “Ted Baker Sunwear is positioned as a brand with attitude, appealing to a broad target audience of men and women both young and young at heart. It’s not just a brand but a way of life with its own unique and quirky personality,” says Tura product manager Keith Howard.
MARKETING: Merchandising materials include a six-place display, countertop mirror with a sliding open/close feature, acrylic logo plaque and Ted Baker umbrella with a palm tree on the inside. The umbrella handle is made of wood and printed with the advice: “put you palm here.” Each sunglass is supplied with a suede-like hard case in black and lime green and a cleaning cloth.
PRICE POINT: $$-$$$. For additional information, contact Tura, (800) 242-8872; web site: www.tura.com


Rem: Jones New York Petite

It’s a small world

Rem Eyewear launches Jones New York Petite, a collection specially created for smaller faces, delicate features and narrow PDs. Award-winning eyewear designer Blake Kuwahara has designed this seven-piece collection in three categories: semi-rimless metal/plastic combinations, fully rimmed flat metals and zyls. The semi-rimless series consists of two styles that are light on the face. Dual color tones and zyl temples make for a flattering combination. Two of the flat metals feature open endpiece designs made popular by the original Jones New York eyewear collection. One of the styles—a cat eye—uses punched-out flat metal with a back-soldered eye rim for a luxurious look. Plastics are constructed from rich handmade zyl, delicate enough for the smallest faces. Details such as piping and color blocking are used in the zyl color palette. The entire collection is available in rich tones, ranging from black, navy, peacock and red to combinations of emerald/brown, red/brown horn, tortoise/horn and violet/blue..

Jones New York Petite 200

Petite faces are eyewear’s most underserved market segment, says Rem. According to company estimates, 14 to 18 percent of women require smaller fitting frames.

Jones New York Petite 102
PHILOSOPHY: “Women with smaller faces have often had to compromise when it came to their eyewear. This new collection offers the quality, fit and style these consumers have come to value from Jones New York, now in petite sizes,” says designer Blake Kuwahara.
MARKETING: Merchandising elements are designed to complement and build upon the existing Jones New York merchandising materials, while emphasizing this is a petite collection. Included are a one-place image display, three one-place charcoal cubes, poster, countercards and logo plaque. Each frame comes with a specifically proportioned charcoal case.
PRICE POINT: $$. For additional information contact Rem Eyewear, (800) 423-3023; web site: www.remeyewear.com


Mitani USA: Takeo Kikuchi Relaunch

Marriage of art and technology

Mitani USA presents a Takeo Kikuchi collection redesigned to reflect today’s styles and trends. Taking its name from the Japanese clothing and accessories designer, the eyewear is sleek with minimal detailing and features modern shapes and larger sizes. Targeted to Takeo Kikuchi’s core clientele of sophisticated “fashionistas,” the line is available in six metals (all 100 percent titanium) and four high-quality plastics. New colors are used to embrace the current trend of vibrant and bold hues, including brown with red and black with fuchsia.

From top: Takeo Kichuchi 4005 & 40032

AMitani Optical began manufacturing and distributing Takeo Kikuchi in 1992 and since then it has become a favorite of high-end boutiques.

PHILOSOPHY: The new releases better represent the philosophy of the Takeo Kikuchi design house by combining cutting-edge style with innovative manufacturing technology exclusive to Mitani,” says Yulia Levit, Mitani USA vice president and COO.
MARKETING: Merchandising materials and cases are redesigned and include a 10-place display tray.
PRICE POINT: $$ to $$$. For additional information, contact Mitani USA at (800) 470-0041; web site: www.mitaniusa.com.


Luxottica: Persol Stardust

Star-studded glamour—ala old Hollywood

Luxottica dresses up its Persol brand favored by celebrities worldwide with the addition of the Stardust collection. For the first time since its inception, Persol is offering frames with decorative embellishments such as studs and crystals. Best described as jewelry for the face, Stardust is reminiscent of Hollywood styles of the ‘50s and ‘60s with its sophisticated details and elegant, feminine lines. Yet the collection retains the essence of the Italian-born Persol brand, intricate, powerful and restrained, using quality materials and manufacturing techniques. Included are two plastic sunglasses, an oversized wrap with 66 Swarovski crystals embedded on the browbar and a large square design accented with metal studs. Both styles are equipped with APX lenses and have the patented Meflecto temple and Persol arrow. Frame colors are black and black cherry.

From top: Takeo Kichuchi 4005 & 4003

The prestigious Persol tradition was born in Turin, Italy, in the 1920s. A combination of outstanding Italian craftsmanship, distinctive aesthetics and innovative construction techniques define the Persol brand. Its heritage is closely tied to the exclusive Meflecto patent, the invention that in 1938 made flexible plastic temples possible.

  PHILOSOPHY: “The new Persol Stardust collection with its crystal and metal embellishments evokes the alluring world of glamour and celebrity. This particular collection addresses that segment of the market who wants sunwear featuring the finest quality lenses and materials, yet is also jewelry for the eyes,” says Luxottica director of marketing Vittorio Verdun.
MARKETING: A two-place display and brochure are available.
PRICE POINT: $$$$. For additional information, contact Luxottica Group, (800) 422-2020; web site: www.luxottica.com.


Signature: Hummer Eyegear Youth-Series

Rugged, youthful style with torque

Signature Eyewear is starting those interested in the world of cars and style early with the Hummer Eyegear youth-series collection. Although designed for “those not old enough to drive,” the collection is a clear statement of rugged and flashy design. Included are six frames with such features as aluminum construction, 180-degree flex temples and rubberized temple tips. Other bold elements are duo-color combinations, temples with a chrome logo treatment and rectangular nosepads. The color palette is inspired by the hues of the vehicles including the trademark Hummer yellow.

The Hummer Eyegear youth-series provides the bold styling desired by self-confident young people and the quality and rugged strength parents are seeking.

From left: HX9 & HX1
PHILOSOPHY: “General Motors has marketed the Hummer H2 and the recently launched Hummer H3 to families who want safety but do not want to sacrifice independence and style. The launch of the youth-series collection makes it possible for the entire family to wear the bold styling associated with Hummer Eyegear. The youth-series collection translates the attitude Hummer is known for into frames that appeal to the younger generation,” says Lisa Funk, Signature director of licensing and marketing.
MARKETING: Each frame comes with an oversized case that features a riveted aluminum logo plaque, reminiscent of the Hummer bumper, and a Hummer Eyegear wristband. Other marketing materials include Hummer mini cars and a small green Hummer mat.
PRICE POINT: $$. For additional information, contact Signature Eyewear, (800) 765-EYES; web site: www.signatureeyewear.com


Viva: Platform Z

Generation Z

Viva International Group adds Platform Z to its Magic Clip magnetic clip line. The newest evolutionary stage in clip-on technology, Platform Z eliminates the need for adjusting the clip. The secret is strong Xanadium magnets that are on the clip itself and attach to a stable platform, allowing for more streamlined, advanced styling. Other cutting-edge technology improvements include reduced risk of depolarization, no rim locks on the clip and ultra-lightweight frames that can accommodate open-ended design treatments. Platform Z contains six styles in variations on ovals and rectangles in colors such as satin brown, periwinkle, pink, burgundy, blush and silver/blue. .

Models 310, 311 & 312

Platform Z comes with fully adjustable nosepads that do not interfere with the clip’s adhering to the frame.

Models 316, 317 & 318
PHILOSOPHY: “What’s wonderful about Platform Z technology is it allows a much broader range of design, such as open temples and super thin, sleek styling. Because the magnets hold the clip secure to the frame, there is no need for additional adjusting by the optician. Once the nosepads are adjusted, the magnets on the clip will always be in perfect alignment,” says Ginni Craig, brand manager.
MARKETING: Each style comes with a hard case with a removable magnetic clip compartment.
PRICE POINT: $$. For additional information, contact Viva International Group, (800) 345-VIVA; web site: www.vivagroup.com


Tuscany Eyewear: Mount Polarized Sport Collection

Sportily rimless

Tuscany Eyewear releases its Mount Polarized Sport Collection. Included are six rimless styles, all equipped with eight-base polarized gray lenses. The frames are made of high-quality stainless steel, ensuring lightweight comfort and easy adjustability. They are offered in black, brown and gunmetal.


The polarized lenses not only preserve the luminosity and colors of the surroundings by eliminating glare effects, but also offer protection against harmful UVA and UVB radiation.

PHILOSOPHY: “The overwhelming success of Mount Eyewear with its polarized clips sold through our lab and retail chain accounts has encouraged us to add a polarized sunglass collection for non-prescription wearers and contact lens patients,” says Tuscany Eyewear president Wayne Goldman.
MARKETING: Merchandising materials include a six-place demonstration unit, countercards and color brochure. Each frame comes with a hard case.
PRICE POINT: $$. For additional information, contact Tuscany Eyewear, (800) 293-9588; web site www.tuscanyeyewear.com