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The Big Picture

Fashion Designers, Lifestyle Branding…
and Eyewear



These days great design
and the power of solid
branding go hand-in-hand.
Eyewear bears witness to both. Fashion designers craft the clothes
we wear, the accessories we choose and the furnishings comforting our lives. This is the very essence of defining a lifestyle—reinforcing a person’s identity. Eyewear clearly enhances, embraces and extends anyone’s view of the world and his or her own self image. And THAT’s the biggest part of... The Big Picture.

Mix Master
Metal front… zyl temples. Light front… bold sides. Simple shape… brave
colorations. Combo frames
satisfy endless style options.
BCBG Francesca from ClearVision Optical


  Of Course, Of Kors
Never underestimate the power of a well-known (and well-crafted) logo especially when it belongs to a fashion designer with proven staying power.
MICHAEL KORS 516 from Marchon Eyewear

Tip that Hat
The power of tradition enhances brands steeped in a heritage of quality. And clearly understand that a historic name such as the
one “sighted” here bears the mark of one of this country’s earliest instances of designer-brand cache.
STETSON 231 from Zyloware

An Eye for Gardening
Classic eyewear shapes wake up when jolted with current color and high-tech material combinations… in the same way a classic camp shirt scores via aggressive, new floral fabrications.
TOMMY BAHAMA 51 from Altair Eyewear

Clear Thinking
Crystal holds court as a sizzling eyewear coloration and just a hint of tone skirts the style directly on to the
right-of-runway in terms of fashionable.
MARC JACOBS 006 from Sàfilo USA

The Price of Fame
So what’s the relationship between a high-end designer name, a classic clothier of men’s suits, the moniker of a bubbly beverage and an iconic sport shirt? People trust brands based on loyalty. That loyalty is based on consistency, familiarity… and well-earned fame. And that’s what it takes to successfully
frame a name brand.
USA PEPSI 3239 from New York Eye/A Hart Specialities Company
LACOSTE 480602 from L'Amy Group
MISSONI 100301 from Allison USA
BOSS HUGO BOSS 11089 from Charmant Group

Bag Ladies
Accessories (especially handbags and shoes) woo women. That’s why eyewear brands built on designers with that forte make sense from a marketing and product-affinity point-of-view.
LULU GUINNESS 416 from Tura

Hone Sweet Home
Home furnishings is the new frontier for many fashion designers. Eyewear accents (like the bows on these Vera Wang creations) tuck right into that for the numerous “nesting” consumers.

VERA WANG 117 from
Couteur Designs/Division of Kenmark Group

Scarf It Up
Always note your customer’s color preferences. They usually wear it well
and respond to that acknowledged recognition on your part.

JONES NEW YORK 706 from Rem Eyewear

Taking It to the Street
The multiple crossover connections between street-style, sports and
casual is at the heart of merchandising
eyeglasses to Gen-X, Gen-Y and
Gen Next consumers.

MARC ECKO 5067 from Viva International Group
Eye time
On track with the successful mating of
eyewear and designer branding is the equal draw of everyone’s other favorite fashion accessory… watches. And watch as watches closely follow the keynoted style trends in glasses: Rectangle being the perfect example.

KENNETH COLE Elite Reaction 0602 from Marcolin USA