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Mirror, Mirror...

Mirroring Fashion and Attitude

Mirror, Mirror...

Fashion Editor Gloria Nicola
Photographed by NEDJELJKO MATURA

...Who is the fairest of them all? More illusive than yesterday’s mirrors, subtler new mirror treatments add a hint of intrigue to this perennial question. A mere touch of reflection, a fascinating shift in colors depending on the lens angle, a see-through or a complete masking of the eye add an aura of mystery to the newest sunglass mirrors... and their wearers.

Although function is a concern when choosing a mirror tint—brown improves contrast and gray preserves perceived color balance—fashion and attitude are a major consideration for many.
  • Mirror tints are often used to complement skin color. A silver mirror over
    a brown tint works well with warm skin tones. The same silver mirror on a gray tint enhances cool complexions.
  • Actually any color tint can be used to complement the skin or an item of clothing. Most people have more than one outfit and the most fashion conscious want multiple pairs of mirrors to match.
  • Mirror tints are also used to create attitude. Cool or strong colors—blue, purple, red, orange—make for a bolder look.
  • Silver over dark blue/gray gives a motorcycle chrome and chain appearance.
  • Warmer subdued colors such as rose or mellow yellow can have a calming effect.

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