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Hint, Hint… Tint

Fashion Editor Gloria Nicola
Photographed by
Nedjeljko Matura

From top: ROBERT MARC 528, plastic Jackie O design, from Robi • Circle No. 216; T2 System by Swissflex, three-piece mount plastic butterfly with Virtual Red lenses, from The Lens Work • Circle No. 213; KATA Veto, semi-rimless metal aviator, from Legacie Eyewear/Luxury House of B. Robinson Eyewear • Circle No. 212; PRADA  SPR 62D, titanium wrap, from Luxottica Group • Circle No. 214; OLIVER PEOPLES 643, round metal, from Oliver Peoples • Circle No. 215; REACTION KENNETH COLE M-Eye Reaction, asymmetric metal style with lenses mounted behind browbar, from ClearVision Optical • Circle No. 211
Looking for a touch of intrigue or a smooth transition from daytime glare to evening glow? Try a lens tint. From mellow yellow  to really rosy to virtual red—created by applying a mirror coating over a red base for a dense, rich effect—it’s all about tints. With the limitless options now en vogue, there is a perfect tint to enhance every hour, every activity and every mood.

• Of all Rx lens pairs sold in 2002, 23.5 percent were
tinted, according to 20/20’s Spectacle Lens Survey of Independents 2003.

• The survey also indicates tints were included in lens-only packages much more often in 2002 than in the previous year—fully 25.5
percent of the time, versus 13.6 percent in 2001