Eyewear and Trends: New Frame Products


What's New

Photographed by Nedjeljko Matura

Ray-Ban Optical Collection

Ray-Ban’s first ophthalmics debut
Luxottica Group adds the first ophthalmic collection to its ever-popular Ray-Ban sunglass line. Like the sunwear, the new optical collection, which consists of 43 styles, is designed for those who do not seek confirmation in the things they choose, but rather choose only what best emphasizes the most genuine aspects of their personality, the company says. Designs range from classic to modern and include a number of statement-making styles. The hugely successful Wayfarer and Aviator sunglasses have been recreated in ophthalmic frames. Materials consist of ultra-light resins and special metals and alloys, such as titanium and genium. The new Ray-Ban collection is available through traditional Luxottica channels.
PHILOSOPHY: “As a sunglass brand, Ray-Ban has the strongest recognition of any brand worldwide. Leveraging this fact and the brand’s legendary values with the introduction of an ophthalmic line is the next evolution for Ray-Ban,” says Luxottica Group director of marketing Vittorio Verdun. “As ophthalmic glasses continue to become a fashion accessory, as well as a necessity, sunglasses and eyeglasses are more in alignment than ever before in terms of their looks.”
MARKETING: Merchandising materials include a five-place display, countercards and posters. In conjunction with the unveiling of the ophthalmics, Ray-Ban is launching a worldwide advertising campaign focusing on the traditional values of the brand—authenticity and freedom.
PRICE POINT: $$ to $$$.
AVAILABILITY: Spring 2003. For additional information, contact Luxottica Group, (800) 422-2020; web site:

New York Eye:
Joan Collins Eyewear

New Joan Collins line targets women 35 to 60
New York Eye, A Hart Specialties Company, launches its first Joan Collins ophthalmic frame line for women. The new collection, which takes its name from the actress known for her assertive roles, consists of 30 styles in zyl, metal and zyl/metal combinations. Most of the frames are available in four colors and two sizes, ranging from petite to large. Shapes consist of softened rectangles, ovals and upsweeps with decorative accents such as open endpieces, curved temples, engravings and stone accents. Metal styles incorporate full-surface, semi-soft nosepads. A sunglass collection will be added by the end of the year.
PHILOSOPHY: “Our new Joan Collins Eyewear is a distinctly feminine line with defined shapes, delicate colors and decorative accents that appeal to the mature woman. And the frames are designed with sufficient room for multi-focal and progressive lens requirements,” says Hart president Arthur Jankolovits.
MARKETING: Merchandising materials include a five-place display, countercards, logo plaque and tote bag.
AVAILABILITY: Spring 2003. For additional information, contact New York Eye/A Hart Specialties Company, (800) 221-6966; web site:

Phat Farm

Modo reaches out to urban market
M odo Eyewear has signed an eyewear licensing agreement with Russell Simmons, media mogul and hip-hop entrepreneur and producer, for Simmons’ popular urban-style Phat Fashions label that holds the Phat Farm and Baby Phat trademarks. Targeted to young men, the Phat Farm Eyewear collection consists of 12 ophthalmic and 12 sun styles. Sunglasses are equipped with UV400 polycarbonate lenses. Baby Phat, a women’s collection, is also launching. A children’s collection, Phat Farm Kids, is planned.
PHILOSOPHY: “The partnership between Modo and Phat Fashions is a very productive one. We’re able to combine our sense of style and quality with the knowledge of the urban market provided to us by Russell Simmons and his wife Kimura Lee Simmons. Together we believe we will be able to make a distinctive mark in the emerging urban eyewear niche,” says Modo president Alessandro Lanaro.
MARKETING: Merchandising materials include a countertop display, posters, countercards and logo plaque. Frames come with a leather case and cleaning cloth.
AVAILABILITY: Spring 2003. For additional information, contact Modo Eyewear, (800) 223-7610; web site:

Red Rose

Red Rose relaunches with “life is light” campaign
Metzler International USA relaunches its Red Rose line of eyewear with a collection of five frames made of genium—a metal alloy composed of steel, chrome, manganese, carbon and silicone that is hypoallergenic, nickel-free and feather weight and has superior tensile strength, durability and elasticity. Targeted to hip, urban consumers between the ages of 18 and 45, the styles feature clean, modern lines and are offered in variations on oval, rectangular and bowtie designs. A five-style stainless-steel collection will be available in July, with a four-style titanium collection to follow in September. A line of six sunglasses will be released early in 2004.
PHILOSOPHY: “Known for its original designs and excellent quality and price points, Red Rose appeals to the trendy, fashion-forward eyewear consumer. This brand represents a complete synergy of modern design and innovative materials. It’s eyewear for those who enjoy wearing glasses that augment the subtleties of their personality,” says Metzler product development manager John Castagnetti.
MARKETING: Merchandising materials
include a display, triangular countercards and logo block, featuring a “Life is light” tagline and introducing Gianni Smooth, a cartoon character/Red Rose spokesperson. Each frame comes with a hard case.
AVAILABILITY: Spring 2003. For additional information, contact Metzler International USA, (866) METZLER; web site: