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Viva: Gant Sunwear

Gant Adds Sunwear
Viva International Group adds a sunglass collection to its Gant men’s eyewear line launched in Spring 2002. The new sunwear follows the design direction of Gant ophthalmics with the updated, clean, classic American styling that’s at the heart of the Gant brand. Included are 12 sunglasses in four groups: double- and triple-laminate styles with glass lenses; classic metal and metal/plastic combinations with polarized lenses; plastic wraps with CR-39 lenses; and three-piece mount designs with flexible stainless-steel temples and polycarbonate lenses. Frame colorations range from gunmetal and bronze in the metals to such plastic laminates as black on burgundy and navy on camel. Lenses are offered in brown, gray, flash gray and G-15 green.
PHILOSOPHY: “This new collection is the first in a series of sunwear groupings for the Gant brand, which will integrate our exclusive designs with select lens materials, finished with rich colorations and a distinctive logo treatment,” says Viva vice president brand management Debbie Lochli. MARKETING: Merchandising materials include a six-place rise, 24-place counter display, one-place block and tray, all in tan leather, two countercards, two-sided banner and logo plaque. Each sunglass comes with a navy blue hard case. PRICE POINT: $$ to $$$. AVAILABILITY: Winter 2003. For additional information, contact Viva International Group, (800) 345-VIVA; web site: www.vivagroup.com.

Altair: Revlon Eyewear

Altair reintroduces Revlon Eyewear
Under a licensing agreement with Revlon and through a joint distribution agreement with Metzler International USA, Altair Eyewear reintroduces Revlon Eyewear. The line, which takes its name from the worldwide cosmetics and personal care products company, contains nine metals, including a three-piece mount design, and three plastics. The collection is designed around three key points: color, size and feminine flair. Taking its direction from the Revlon color story, frames are offered in a wearable palette of hues ranging from gold with red to blue, brown, teal, plum and wine and triple laminate treatments on the plastics. Design details consist of subtle, but distinctively feminine accents, such as stones, engravings and temple twists.
PHILOSOPHY: “Revlon’s style and color palette are designed to reflect Revlon’s diverse ethnic audience, while encompassing different ends of the fashion spectrum, from trendy to classic. The result is an elegant array of styling for the discerning woman looking for high quality with a distinctive feminine flair,” says Tom Grogan, Altair product development and brands manager. MARKETING: Merchandising materials include a two-drawer presentation box that doubles as a counter display, 14- and 22-place displays, countercards and a wood logo block. Each frame comes with a red case with lens cleaner and cloth. PRICE POINT: $$. AVAILABILITY: Winter 2003. For additional information, contact Altair Eyewear, (800) 505-5557; web site: www.altaireyewear.com.
Kaenon Polarized: Kaenon/Mikli

Form meets function in Kaenon/Mikli collaboration
Kaenon Polarized and Alain Mikli have collaborated to produce a sunglass line featuring frames created by eyewear designer Alain Mikli and equipped with Kaenon polarized lenses. Targeted to performance-, style- and quality-seeking men and women between the ages of 22 and 45, the collection currently consists of seven styles. Three more sunglasses are expected later this year, including a rimless metal design. The frames are composed of cellulose acetate developed exclusively for this collection by Mikli. The lenses are made of SR-91, a lens material lighter, more impact-resistant and more scratch-resistant than polycarbonate with the optical quality of glass, Kaenon says. The lenses also feature the company’s proprietary Glare 86 polarizing element, which allows complete control over tints, varying light transmission levels (LTL) and polarized efficiency.
PHILOSOPHY: “Alain is incredibly talented. Together we’re creating a fresh, stylish look meshing our California soul with his Parisian runway flair, using our polarized technology as the common thread,” says Kaenon president Steve Rosenberg. MARKETING: An array of in-store merchandising materials explaining Kaenon Polarized lens technology and countertop and freestanding displays are available. PRICE POINT: $$$$ to $$$$$. AVAILABILITY: Winter 2003. For additional information, contact Kaenon Polarized, (949) 574-7918; web site: www.kaeonon.com.

Oliver Peoples: OPX

OPX polarized and photochromic lenses debut
Oliver Peoples introduces a collection of sunwear for Spring 2003, featuring OPX polarized and photochromic lenses. The polarized lenses have a smooth, fine surface that prevents scratches, enhances contrast, definition and colors, and works to negate glare. The photochromic lenses automatically change under various light conditions, maximizing both comfort and versatility. Both of the lenses are made of glass and have an anti-reflection coating and a hydrophobic X coating, exclusive from Oliver Peoples. The X coating on the polarized lenses provides anti-friction and extreme repellent properties for water, oil, fingerprints and dust. On the photochromic lenses, the X coating in combination with a reflective mirror coating, applied as a gradient, enhances the dramatic style of the lens while reducing eye strain. Both lenses have a thickness of 1.8mm and are suitable for six- and eight-base lens designs. The photochromic lens is offered in chrome amber, chrome gold, chrome graphite and chrome sapphire. The polarized lens comes in charcoal, java, platinum and rosewood. The lenses are available in five new sunglasses: Jato, Rossi, Impala, Pakalas and Rincon.
PHILOSOPHY: “Oliver Peoples has redefined eyewear style once again in our innovative Spring 2003 collection, which combines sleek design with superior lens technology,” says Oliver Peoples founder and designer Larry Leight. MARKETING: A countercard and postcards are available. PRICE POINT:  $$$$$. AVAILABILITY: Spring 2003. For additional information, contact Oliver Peoples, (888) 568-1655; web site: www.oliverpeoples.com. Circle No. 158