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Photographed by Nedjeljko Matura

Sàfilo: Liz Claiborne Ophthalmics

Sàfilo targets women 30+
Sàfilo USA launches the Liz Claiborne Ophthalmic collection. Like Liz Claiborne women’s apparel, the new eyewear is geared toward women 30 and older who are looking for updated styling, high quality and value. Included are 14 metals (two semi-rimless and five flat metals), seven plastics and one plastic/metal combination in traditional rounds, modified ovals and contemporary rectangular and muffin shapes. Most styles can accommodate progressive lenses. Many of the frames feature spring hinges. Colors range from lilac, rose and colored tortoises to blue and brown fade and double and triple laminates. Decorative temple treatments, such as Swarovski crystals, etchings and enamel block detailing inspired by the Liz Claiborne jewelry collection, are a key element.
PHILOSOPHY: “Liz Claiborne, one of America’s most recognized fashion mega brands, is known for its quality, style, value and versatility,” says Claudio Gottardi, Sàfilo USA president and CEO. “We’ve very excited about this launch collection. We feel it truly captures the essence of Liz Claiborne—modern, yet classic.”
MARKETING: Merchandising materials include one-, six- and 14-place displays, small, medium and large countercards and tent cards. Each frame comes with a hard case.
PRICE POINT: $$ to $$$.
AVAILABILITY: Spring 2003. For additional information, contact Sàfilo USA, (800) 631-1188; web site:

Eastern States: Police Eyewear

Eastern States reunites with Police
Under an agreement with Police manufacturer Derigo, Eastern States Eyewear reintroduces Police Eyewear to the U.S. market. Targeted to adults 18 and older, the collection has a youthful, edgy design. Included are eight sunglasses and five ophthalmic frames. All are metal; a few have zyl accents. Two of the ophthalmic frames are titanium. All of the sunlenses are polycarbonate. Two styles are polarized. Other features include eight-base wrap designs with cylindrical lenses and mirror and gradient treatments.
PHILOSOPHY: “We are thrilled to renew our relationship
with Derigo and Police Eyewear,” says Eastern States president Paul Shyer. “The collection today is as it was in our reign through the mid ’90s—daring, hip and exciting. I’m confident Police Eyewear will once again be a major force in the American eyewear scene.” 
MARKETING: Merchandising materials include a display, logo block and countercards.
PRICE POINT: (Frames) $$$ to $$$$;
(sunglasses) $$$$.
AVAILABILITY: Spring 2003. For additional information, contact Eastern States Eyewear, (800) 645-3710; web site: www. eseyewear.com.

Luxottica: Arnette Collection

Embracing the lifestyle and thrills
of the extreme sports world

Luxottica Group introduces the Arnette brand, which has been available in surf shops and certain retail stores since its inception, to the optical market. The 2003 collection consists of 31 styles, including five new metals and six new styles made of flexible Grilamid plastic. At the core of the collection are lightweight wrap styles that cater to the surfer, skateboarder and snowboarder and to those who aspire to this lifestyle. The frames are equipped with multi-layer, polarized, anti-scratch, anti-reflection polycarbonate lenses. Multiple tints offer superior visual clarity in varying light conditions. Additional features include Hytrel temple tips and flex spring hinges. New to the 2003 collection is the Point, a style with two interchangeable snap lenses, and a variety of smaller frames designed for younger wearers and women. Colorations range from metallic tones in the plastics to muted shades for the metals.
PHILOSOPHY: “Luxottica is pleased to offer this unique line of sunwear. Because extreme sports are so popular today, we believe the Arnette brand will provide dispensers with a valuable resource to fill a fast-growing niche in the optical marketplace,” says Luxottica Group director of marketing Vittorio Verdun.
MARKETING:  Merchandising materials include counter and free-standing rotators, a five-place display, logo plaque, stickers and banners.
AVAILABILITY: Spring 2003. For additional information, contact Luxottica Group, (800) 422-2020; web site:

Metzler : Marc O’Polo Eyewear

An urban lifestyle collection
Metzler International USA presents Marc O’Polo, a branded eyewear line consisting of nine retro-inspired contemporary styles. Six of the frames are metal; three are plastic. Targeted as a lifestyle collection for urban adults between the ages of 18 and 36, the line combines functionality and fashion. Colorations range from metal tones to double-laminate treatments, such as dark brown with butterscotch and purple paired with camel. Shapes are variations on rectangles and other geometric designs.
PHILOSOPHY: “By using the best materials and latest designs, we have created an eyewear collection that mirrors the same fashion-forward, yet relaxed lifestyle reflected in Marc O’Polo clothing and accessories,” says Metzler product development manager John Castagnetti.
MARKETING: A three-place wood display and large and small countercards are available. Each frame comes with a black clamshell case.
AVAILABILITY: Winter 2003. For additional information, contact Metzler International USA, (866) METZLER; web site:

Fitovers: JP PerFit Pair

Introducing a perfect package
Fitovers Eyewear launches JP PerFit Pair. Taking its concept of sunglasses tailored to be worn over Rx frames to the next step, Fitovers Eyewear now offers a package consisting of a premium Jonathan Paul Collection Fitovers sunglass and a coordinating ophthalmic frame, specifically designed to fit under the sunglass. The initial collection consists of four styles, ranging from slim ovals to sporty rectangles. The Fitovers offer full wrap styling, amber or gray PDX (polarized, polycarbonate) lenses and side shields. Ophthalmic frames, available in metal and plastic, feature spring hinges and the option of silicone nosepads. Fitovers and ophthalmic styles come in a variety of colors. An aviator will be released later this year.
PHILOSOPHY: “The PerFit Pair package addresses the unique needs of the mature frame wearer, offering full wrap UV protection at every angle and maximum physical and visual comfort, all packaged at an acceptable price point. It’s the perfect sunwear solution for the mature market and a perfect fit for both the eyecare professional and the consumer,” says Fitovers director of marketing Amanda Searancke.
MARKETING: Display stands, posters, countercards and consumer brochures are available. Each style comes with a leather case and a custom neck cord. A Fitovers consumer advertising campaign began in January 2003.
PRICE POINT: (Package) $$$; (Fitovers only) $$.
AVAILABILITY: Spring 2003. For additional information, contact Fitovers Eyewear, (888) 834-8872; web site:

IT Optics: U-FIT

Italee division introduces customized program IT Optics,
a new division of Italee, launches
 U-FIT, a customized frame and lens system that blends beta titanium with plastic temples to create a hybrid frame combining the durability of titanium with the flexibility and color variations of plastics. A selection of seven colored plastic components can be inserted and secured to the lens by a high-tech adhesive. Beta titanium hinges provide stability. Temple lengths can be customized at 140mm or 155mm. Bridges are offered in widths of 17mm, 20mm and 23mm; hinge lengths are either 6mm or 10mm. Temple covers come in 13 colors. Customized lens shapes can be ordered to supplement the 50 stock catalog shapes. Specialty lens treatments and coatings, including single/double/triple gradients, flash mirror, Zeiss cool blue and anti-reflection are available.
PHILOSOPHY: “Our objective with this new line is to offer a fun, sophisticated collection that provides the optical market with the same quality frame and lens customization options we have created for our signature collections, 2.5 by Eyephorics and Kazuo Kawasaki,” says Italee creative director Amy Hahn.
MARKETING: A display and countercard are available. Each frame comes with a plastic/metal case and cleaning cloth.
PRICE POINT:  (Frame) $$$$.
AVAILABILITY: Spring 2003. For additional information, contact Italee, (800) 948-2533; web site:

Aoyama: Kansai Yamamoto Eyewear

Aoyama launches designer line
Aoyama USA releases the Kansai Yamamoto eyewear collection. Taking its name from the Japanese fashion designer who began his career in the 1970s, the new line consists of 10 masculine and unisex styles. Six of the frames are made of 100 percent pure titanium; the other four are composed of beta titanium. Shapes include variations on classic ovals, rectangles and bowties in fully rimmed and semi-rimless styles. Eye sizes range from 48mm to 52mm. Eight of the frames feature a newly patented design, which joins the temple, endpiece and temple décor into one complete element, constructed in one step with one screw. Details include acetate inlays on titanium temples and artistic logo treatments.
PHILOSOPHY: “The Kansai Yamamoto Eyewear collection reflects the same artistic energy and technical innovation that have inspired the Japanese designer since he started his career in the ’70s, becoming one of Japan’s premier designers,” says Rick Grossman, Aoyama USA vice president sales.
MARKETING: Merchandising materials include a tray display, mirror, tapestry/wall hanging, logo plaque and countercard. Each frame comes with a mesh-like metal hard case.
AVAILABILITY: Winter 2003. For additional information, contact Aoyama USA, (800) 877-2020.

Eyedeals: Linda Lundstrom Eyewear

Eyedeals distributes Linda Lundstrom in U.S.
Under an agreement with Visualeyz Inc., the worldwide distributor of Linda Lundstrom eyewear, Eyedeals International has been named the exclusive eyewear distributor for the U.S. Lundstrom, a Canadian designer, founded her clothing design and manufacturing company known for its complete family of products for women, including coats, dresses, knitwear, swimwear and skiwear, in 1974. The new eyewear line consists of zyls and metals, including titanium, and was created specifically to fit comfortably around the bridge and to complement bone structure and skin tones. A strong emphasis is placed on such design elements as silk laminates inserted into the frames, laser cuts, open endpieces, lace-like treatments and dotted and mesh-like textures.
PHILOSOPHY: “Linda Lundstrom’s refreshing eyewear designs and innovative use of colors and materials appeal to a wide range of discerning, fashion-conscious women,” says Sam Shapiro, president of Eyedeals International. “Although many optical shops offer a wonderful selection of frames, in the past, I inevitably had to settle for the one frame available in a color that suited my very fair complexion,” adds designer Linda Lundstrom. “With this line we are offering many color options for the fair-skinned individual.”
MARKETING: A display and posters are available. Frames come with a black cylindrical case.
PRICE POINT:  $$ to $$$.
AVAILABILITY: Spring 2003. For additional information, contact Eyedeals International, (800) 223-0167.

Eyeworks 3: Fiction

The facts about Fiction
Fiction, an eyewear collection created by l.a. Eyeworks owners and designers Gai Gherardi and Barbara McReynolds and distributed by Eyeworks 3, makes its U.S. debut. The new line contains 13 plastics and metals, including one titanium frame, all with plastic temples featuring a beta titanium core wire for flexibility. Each style carries an expressive name: Id, Hi, Yo. Shapes are variations on rectangles, bowties, butterflies and cat eyes, all accented with half-circle temple tips. Colors are a key focus of the collection and include such laminates as sharp pink paired with purple and black and bright orange combined with white and creamy blue. Vivid metal colors on the frame fronts are juxtaposed with brilliantly colored plastic temples: baby blue with amber, green with purple. All of the frames are offered in five colors.
PHILOSOPHY: “Our objective with Fiction is to continue our crusade to eliminate boring eyewear,” say designers Gai Gherardi and Barbara McReynolds. “Each frame reflects our interest in clean lines, high modernity and, of course, retina-rousing color combinations, all at an excellent price point.”
MARKETING: Merchandising materials include a sunflower husk logo stand and a menu-style re-ordering tool. Two dual-tone eyeglass cases and assorted cleaning clothes are available.
AVAILABILITY: Winter 2003. For additional information, contact Eyeworks 3, (800) 348-3337; web site: www. laeyeworks.com.

Pixel Optic: Clipaq Plastics

Pixel launches its first plastic magnetic collection
Pixel Optic introduces Clipaq Plastics, a line of magnetic clips featuring plastic-laminate frames and rimless clips. The clip affixes to the frame at the bridge through patented technology which uses two magnets. The initial collection consists of seven women’s and unisex styles in variations on narrow bowtie, oval and rectangular shapes. Colors include combinations of brown tones, black paired with blue and red with camel. The line will be supplemented with additional models, including men’s styles, in Spring 2003.
PHILOSOPHY: “With Clipaq plastics, we are offering the consumer contemporary options in magnetics,” says Pixel vice president sales and marketing Carl Rossi. “Retailers who have previewed the collection were impressed with the clean lines and popular double-laminate colorations.”
MARKETING: A push-button hard case with a soft pouch for the clip
is offered with each frame.
AVAILABILITY: Winter 2003.
For additional information, contact Pixel Optic, (877) 277-7778; web site: