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Real Women in Great Glasses

Photographed by VISKO HATFIELD
Still Lifes Photographed by NEDJELJKO MATURA
Fashion Editor: GLORIA NICOLA
Hair and Makeup: STACY BENEKE/R.J. Bennett

A retired teacher.
A high school student.
A software consultant.
A college student.
An ice skater.
A product manager. 
An academic.
A classical singer.
A fashion student.
A waitress. 20/20 sought out real women of diverse ages and occupations to wear new eyewear designed for real women with real style. Here’s what women want. What they really, really want… from their eyewear.

Julie Margilaj wears FENDI 536 from Marchon Eyewear • Circle No. 237

Diann Witt wears VERA WANG 29 from Couteur Designs/Division of Kenmark Group • Circle No. 230
Diann Witt coordinates international exchange programs for undergraduate business students at New York University. She also belongs to a choral group, sings first soprano professionally and has done a season at Carnegie Hall. “I have contact lenses, but I wear prescription frames two or three times a week. Fashion is my main concern with eyewear. I look for styles that are striking, different and flattering. I lean toward small frames and am always on the search for something smaller. I have a black plastic rectangular Mikli style and a silver almond design from Kata. My lenses have A-R coatings. For sun, I’m mostly concerned with protection. I recently bought a larger Jackie O style. I don’t have Rx sunwear. It’s easier to wear contacts when I’m going to be out.”
Nancy Ozelli is a retired New York City teacher (she taught Spanish and English as a second language), has modeled on and off most of her life and is actively involved in dance and yoga. “I usually wear contact lenses, but I keep prescription frames nearby with clips. I also wear sunglasses. I like the way I look in glasses. My current pair of ophthalmics is a double-bridge preppie style from Oliver Peoples. For sunglasses, I prefer larger more glamorous styles, such as Versace, in both plastic and metal. I like silver with my hair, black and everything tortoise. I haven’t gone for the wild colors yet.”

Nancy Ozelli wears EXTÉ 10403 from Allison Eyewear • Circle No. 226

Judi Consigli is a software consultant on Long Island and an avid
gardener. “I’ve always worn contact lenses, but recently I had laser surgery. However, my vision is still not perfect. I have 20/30 vision in one eye and 20/40 in the other. I wear glasses for night driving. Fashion is important to me in choosing eyewear. I have to like the way I look. I prefer small plastic frames in all kinds of colors—
tortoise, deep purple. I currently wear a Steve Madden style. For sunglasses, I always wear polarized lenses. I have
Maui Jim now. In sunglasses, too, I stick to small frames. For me sunglasses are primarily for protection, not for sport so I don’t change styles very often.”

Judi Consigli wears STEVE MADDEN SP61 from Colors In Optics
• Circle No. 229
Daphne Johnson is a sophomore at New York University and a figure skater. She skates as a performer between periods for the New York Rangers hockey team and is a member of the Skate Theater of New York. “I don’t wear glasses but sometimes I wish I did. They have such great looks and fun colors now. I do wear sunglasses. Whatever looks good; I don’t have a brand preference. I lose sunglasses a lot—my car eats them. I usually go to TJ Maxx to buy them. I keep a couple on hand in my purse, in the car, in my room. They’re all different styles. I have from basic black to fun colors.”

Daphne Johnson wears IVOIRE from Lafont • Circle No. 234

Dispensing to Young Women
Emphasize versatility—eyewear that can move from
the office to a night out to the weekend.

Suggest different looks
for the week and weekend, day and night.

Point out lightweight and other comfort features.

Remember this group is fit
and active. Recommend sport glasses if appropriate.

Monique Zordan, a senior in high school in Long Island, plans to pursue a career in either acting or business and expects to study at Florida State in Tallahassee. “I wear contact lenses, but I also have a small metal prescription cat eye. I love sunglasses and prefer larger shapes. I work at Saks in Riverhead part-time and am always buying the newest designer styles. I have a Gucci metal I wear all the time and also have Chloe, Chanel, Prada and Ralph Lauren sunglasses.”

Monique Zordan wears COSMOPOLITAN Crave from Rem Eyewear • Circle No. 241

Dispensing to Older Teens
Use sunwear as a lead into
selling ophthalmic frames.
This group, especially, loves sunwear.

Fine tune your knowledge on eyewear and sunglasses
worn by celebrities. Photos help. Show them Hall
of Frames from 20/20.

Display ophthalmic frames with
fashion tints. Tints are cool.

Present the newest
and trendiest styles first
so they know you think
they are cool.

Familiarize yourself
with brands teens love.

Michele Leung is the production manager for 20/20. “I’ve been wearing glasses since I was six and contact lenses since I was 16. As far as ophthalmic frames, I have a plastic pair of cat eyes that I never wear. People tell me I look like a teacher in them. I love sunglasses. I have four pairs—a pair of Polo shields, an aviator from Nine West, an aviator from Kenneth Cole and pair of gray plastic suns from Zyloware. I’m really into the aviator shield because they’re so dramatic looking. Being part of the optical industry gives me a chance to see what’s out there before it hits the market.”

Michele Leung wears BURBERRY 8943/U from Sàfilo USA • Circle No. 242

Julie Margilaj is a waitress at the Dip Café and a sophomore at the Fashion Institute of New York (F.I.T.) majoring in advertising and marketing. “I love sunglasses. I have so many sunglasses—I collect them and hats. My mom just recently bought me a pair of big old school Guccis. They’re my favorite at the moment. I buy sunglasses from all over—department stores, H&M, on the street. They range in price from $5 to $250.”

Julie Margilaj wears ESCADA 360 from Tura • Circle No. 244

From top:
ICB 16304 from Moja Design
• Circle No. 240;
NICOLE MILLER Capri from Signature Eyewear • Circle No. 243;
JILL STUART 121 from Eyewear Designs • Circle No. 232;
EXCES 1809 from Eastern
States Eyewear
• Circle No. 231

Daphne Johnson wears BOSS BY HUGO BOSS 11517 from CXD/Charmant Exclusive Division
• Circle No. 227

Nancy Ozelli wears CAVIAR Elite 2122
from Ultra Palm Optical • Circle No. 245


Dispensing to Mature Women
Don’t try to steer women of a “certain age” into traditional
“older” women styles. Show them options. See where
they want to go.

Keep in mind, these consumers are usually presbyopes and
need frames with enough depth to accommodate progressives.
Don’t hesitate to suggest slightly larger
plano sunglasses as Rx frames.

And remember with women of all ages,
flattery will get you everywhere.

Diann Witt wears CHANEL 3042-T
from Luxottica Group • Circle No. 236

Monique Zordan wears
VIA SPIGA Orvieto from Zyloware
• Circle No. 247

FROM top:  KENNETH COLE REACTION Half Rim from ClearVision Optical
• Circle No. 228; NIKON Duratitan II 4619 from Metzler International USA
• Circle No. 239; KATA Falco from Legacie Eyewear/Luxury House of B. Robinson Optical • Circle No. 235; D&G Dolce & Gabbana 4071 from Marcolin USA • Circle No. 238

Michele Leung wears CANDIE’S Sparkle from Viva International Group • Circle No. 246

Judi Consigli wears JEAN
LEMPEREUR 963 from Europtik
• Circle No. 233