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Morel Cottet:
Marius Morel Collection

Morel Cottet reintroduces Marius Morel
Morel Cottet USA reintroduces  an established name among its eyewear lines, Marius Morel. Targeted to men and women from their mid- 20s to 60 who have a strong fashion sense, the new collection consists of seven fully rimmed, semi-rimless and three-piece mount designs in zyl and metal, including stainless steel and flat metal. Colors range from blue, lilac, olive and sand to brick, copper, dark gun-metal and black. All Marius Morel frames are equipped with signature paddle temple tips.
PHILOSOPHY: “The objective of the new Marius Morel collection is to more clearly and concisely define Morel for exactly who we are—a 120-year-old French manufacturer of eyewear that embraces our roots as designers of fine fashion frames. By using the best materials and techniques, we create styles that reflect today’s fashion trends without the cost generally associated with high-end brands. As such, we make French fashion accessible to a wider range of consumers who are concerned with value, quality and overall appearance,” says Morel Cottet CEO Tom Castiglione. MARKETING: Merchandising materials include a one-place display and two countercards. PRICE POINT: $$ to $$$. AVAILABILITY: Winter. For additional information, contact Morel Cottet USA, (800) 526-8838; web site: www.cottet.com.

Marchon Eyewear:
Illusion Clip-ons

Marchon incorporates Made in the Shades clip technology
Under a licensing agreement between Marchon Eyewear and Made in the Shades Optical, Marchon is manufacturing and distributing bridge-mounted clip-on sunwear under the United States patent owned by Made in the Shades. The bridge-mounted clip-on attaches to the frame at the bridge. Unlike traditional clips, there is no top bar or mounting hooks on the upper portion of the frame. Marchon has incorporated the technology, which it calls Illusion Clip-ons, into 15 of its new Calvin Klein styles. Shapes consist of almond, rectangular, butterfly, oval and other designs in such colors as teal, satin burgundy, antique blue, olive and gunmetal. Lenses are brown or gray and feature 100 percent UVA and UVB protection. In the future all metal, stainless-steel and titanium Calvin Klein frames will come with the new clip-ons, according to Marchon.
PHILOSOPHY: “We are very pleased to be the licensee under this patent since not only will we be designing this clip technology into our Calvin Klein Collection, we will also be making it available for custom-made clips for our Made in the Shades products,” says Marchon CEO Al Berg. PRESENTATION: Each frame and clip come with a case. PRICE POINT: $$. AVAILABILITY: Fall 2002. For additional information, contact Marchon Eyewear,
(800) 645-1300. Web Site:

Moja Design:
Ocean Drive Ophthalmics

Ocean Drive adds rimless ophthalmics
Moja Design adds a collection of five metal ophthalmics to its Ocean Drive Eyewear line. Included are rimless, semi-rimless and three-piece mount styles in a mix of feminine and unisex shapes. Taking their inspiration and names from the legendary luxury hotels of Miami Beach, the frames—Eden Rock, Breakers, Deco Drive, B Young and Casuarina—marry thin light metals with classic colorations: gold, burgundy, black, gunmetal and shades of brown. All of the frames are equipped with flex hinges. Some have acetate temple tips.
PHILOSOPHY: “The comfort, elegance, styling and attention to detail coupled with a great price point make these designs truly worthwhile for both individuals who want to build an eyewear wardrobe and those who want luxurious, stylish eyewear without the exclusive price tags,” says Leigh Kessler, Moja director of marketing. MARKETING: Merchandising materials include countercard images of frames photographed at the Versace Mansion in South Beach, a three-place art deco display and optional 12-place locking display. Authorized dealers receive a complimentary subscription to Ocean Drive Magazine. PRICE POINT: $$$. AVAILABILITY: Fall 2002. For additional information, contact
Moja Design, (888) 576-MOJA; web site:

Rem Eyewear: Converse Sun

Converse launches sun collection
Rem Eyewear introduces its first comprehensive line of Converse sunglasses targeted to 14- to 24-year-olds. Included are 14 boldly designed wraparound styles made of injection-molded plastic and metal. Features include spring hinges and adjustable nosepads. Some styles have polycarbonate lenses. Frames are offered in strong colors such as fiery red, shiny silver and sky blue. Lenses are available with traditional sun tints, fashion tints and gradient mirror coatings.
PHILOSOPHY: “Our research reveals the Converse devotee welcomes cool, hip sunglasses from this hot brand. We’ve taken a progressive point of view in design and pricing of Converse sunwear to be consistent with the expectations of the young, trend-setting consumers who best identify with this brand and who helped rejuvenate Converse footwear,” says Rem president Mike Hundert. MARKETING: Merchandising materials include countercards, a poster and single-place display. Each sunglass comes with a padded zipper case.
PRICE POINT: $ to $$. AVAILABILITY: Winter. For additional information, contact Rem Eyewear, (800) 423-3023; web site: