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National Optronics 3B
Finish Blocker

Manufacturer: National Optronics
Description: User-friendly
features include projection imaging, which minimizes the chance for parallax and accidental refraction; translucent LCD; split-screen monitor.
Target Customer: Dispenser
or retailer
Size: 18" h by 8.5" w
Suggested List Price: $6,000
(800) 247-9796

National Optronics’s new 3B Finish Blocker is designed for speed, accuracy, reliability and low maintenance in the finish laboratory. The unit features projection imaging, which minimizes the opportunity for parallax and for the accidental refraction. Translucent LCD allows optical measurements to display clearly on the monitor. Operators can easily see the measurements in order to line-up features clearly. The accurately calibrated scale on the screen matches the scale of the lens, allowing quick review without concern for distortion. The 3B’s user interface is designed to be simple to follow and operate, according to Optronics. A split-screen monitor allows the operator ample visibility for both the job screen and the layout screen for blocking.

Seiko Proceed II Short Transitions Brown
Manufacturer: Seiko Optical Products
Description: A 1.67-index
high-index plastic short-
corridor progressive Transitions photochromic in brown
Functions/Features: At 1.67-index, the lens offers thin and light cosmetics. Because the lens is made from an improved resin (MR-10), it is suitable for drill-mounted frame styles, according to Seiko. As a short-corridor PAL, its 18mm fitting height makes it ideal for smaller frame styles.
Blank Size: +4.00 to -13.00D, 75mm; +4.25 to +6.00D , 72mm; +6.25 to +8.00D, 70mm
Power Range: +6.00D to -13.00D, out to a -4.00D cylinder, with adds from +0.50 to +3.50 (in 0.25 steps).
(800) 235-LENS

Seiko Optical has released its Proceed II short-corridor progressive in Transitions Brown photochromics. The lens, designed with a shorter fitting height for today’s smaller frame styles, is the thinnest short-corridor PAL available in Transitions Brown, according to the company.