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Hoya Super HiVision A-R

Manufacturer: Hoya Vision Care
Description: Scratch-resistant A-R treatment
Functions/Features: Gives plastic lenses scratch-resistance of glass while reducing unwanted glare and reflections off lens surface. Also enhances impact resistance.
Availability: Currently offered on Hoya’s 1.70 Eyry and 1.71 Teslalid lenses. It will be available on Hoya’s full product line—including HiLux, Phoenix and 1.60 Eyas—in the spring.
(877) 528-1939 or (888) 882-4692

Hoya Vision Care has released a new anti-reflective system designed to give plastic lenses the scratch resistance previously found only in glass. Super HiVision is a multi-layered system of coatings applied to both sides of a plastic lens. The base hardcoat layer and A-R layer are topped off with View Protect, a hydrophobic coating designed to give lenses an extremely slippery surface for resisting dirt, oil, fingerprints and other damage. Super HiVision is applied using Hoya’s patented Substrate Matching Properties (SMP), a process that creates perfect mechanical matches between Hoya lens materials and Hoya coatings. “With Super HiVision, consumers can have an outstanding combination of anti-reflection and scratch resistance in an easy-to-clean, impact-resistant lens,” says Bill Norwood, executive vice president of Hoya Vision Care, North America. “The scratch resistance is literally off the charts and its anti-reflective properties are so outstanding, lenses virtually disappear on the face.”

Optima Polartec

Manufacturer: Optima
Description: Semi-finished single-vision polarized 1.60-index plastic sunlens
Color: Gray
Functions/Features: “Darkest” polarized lens on the market. Can be ground to 1.5mm CT. 1.60-index plastic base material makes it 25 percent thinner than regular plastic polarized lenses. Abbe value of 42. The company suggests re-applying backside scratch-resistant coating after surfacing. Available in plano and single-vision.
Blank Size: available in 70mm, 75mm and 77mm
Power Range: +0.50D base curve, 77mm, -6.25D to -10.75D; +2.25D base curve, 75mm, -4.25D to -6.00D; +4.25D base curve, 75mm, -1.00D to -4.00D; +6.25D base curve, 75mm, -0.75D to +3.00D; +8.25D base curve, 75mm, +3.25D to +6.00D; +10.25D base curve, 70mm, +5.25D to +8.00D
(800) 621-1216

Optima has released a new polarized 1.60-index aspheric plastic lens—called PolarTec—it hails as the “darkest lens on the market.” Like most polarized lenses, it is designed to reduce glare and eyestrain. The first 1.60-index plastic polarized lens on the market, according to Optima, PolarTec offers 100 percent UV absorption at 390 nanometers. The company also bills it as the “darkest” polarized lens on the market. POLARTEC can be surfaced to a 1.5mm center thickness. “Optima’s newest product, PolarTec, is another innovation in a long line of industry firsts,” says Nicholas Niejelow, president of Optima. “PolarTec, the first and only 1.60 polarized lens, is the thinnest and darkest available. Once again Optima has set a new standard of excellence.”

AIT Delta-Scan 3D Tracer

Manufacturer/Distributor: AIT Industries
Description: Affordable remote tracer that also functions as high-production unit for tracing for demo lenses and patterns
Target Customer: Optical labs; dispensers
Size: 8.5" by 8.5" by 13"d
Suggested Price: $4,800
(800) 729-1959

AIT Industries has introduced its Delta-Scan 3D tracer, which is designed as a remote solution as well as a high-production tracer for labs that require a specialized tracer for demo lens and pattern tracing. The process for tracing a demo lens on the Delta-Scan 3D is considerably faster than other brands on the market, according to AIT. Functioning as an upload device, the Delta-Scan 3D can interface with a host of lab software programs under the OMA communication standard 3.02; it can also act as an OMA host for all AIT edgers as a direct connection with its storage capacity. Other OMA-compliant machines may also be able to communicate with the Delta-Scan 3D. “The Delta-Scan 3D provides a reasonable price point and level of quality to satisfy a segment in the market looking for a more affordable tracing solution than our high-production Teleform Tracer,” says AIT vice president Matt Vulich.