Eyewear and Trends: New Frame Products



Photographed by Nedjeljko Matura

OSA: Chrome Hearts Eyewear
Optical Shop of Aspen (OSA) presents Chrome Hearts Eyewear, a luxury line of ophthalmic and sun styles. Established in 1989, Chrome Hearts is known for its distinctive handmade jewelry, leather clothing, executive gadgets and exotic wood furniture and has won awards for its non-traditional take on classic fashion. The eyewear line, which contains pieces developed from sources in Japan, France and Italy, uses sleek eye shapes and special tooling and molding processes. Frames are made of laser-cut ebony and mahogany woods, titanium, sterling silver and carbon fiber with leather and diamond, ruby and sapphire accents. The eyewear incorporates many of the Chrome Hearts’ gothic motifs—crosses, daggers and fleurs-de-lis. Chrome Hearts is available to select optical retailers. PHILOSOPHY: “Chrome Hearts is a special collection. It’s a real luxury life-style concept and a ‘rock-star’ line at the same time,” says OSA president Larry Sands. “Chrome Hearts is not for the weak at heart. It’s geared toward those who can recognize and appreciate the quality craftsmanship put into each and every piece.” PRESENTATION: Each style comes packaged in a black box with a black leather zippered case, cleaning cloth, guarantee card and mini Chrome Hearts brochure. A pearl white leather pillow with a Chrome Hearts embossed logo is available to retailers. For additional information, contact OSA, (800) 647-2345; fax (949) 425-4785.

Signet Armorlite: Kodak Concise

Signet Armorlite releases its Kodak Concise Progressive lens in 1.67 high-index material. The Kodak Concise has a 14mm corridor that offers a generous reading area even in smaller frames having a 17mm minimum fitting height. Its soft design and spacious distance viewing area provide easy adaptation. According to the company, the 70mm Kodak Concise 1.67 is the correct choice when the fitting height is between 17mm and 22mm, the “B” measurement is under 35mm and the distance height is 12mm or more. The lens has an abbe value of 32, specific gravity of 1.35gm/cm and is offered in powers ranging from –10.00 to +6.00 with add powers of +1.00 to +3.00 in 0.25 diopter steps. Base curves are 2.50, 4.50 and 6.50. Kodak Concise Progressive is also available in CR-39® scratch-resistant material, Corning SunSensors and 1.6 and 1.56 EvoClear. PHILOSOPHY: “With the Kodak Concise Progressive, eyecare professionals can offer their customers the updated look they want without compromising the good visual acuity they need. And with the addition of the 1.67 index material, Kodak Concise is now available in a wide range of thinner, lighter lens options,” says Signet Armorlite. PRESENTATION: All Kodak progressives are eligible for PracticePlus, an ongoing support program designed to enhance the practice of independent eyecare professionals. Members receive funding, staff training, marketing expertise and technical assistance. For additional information, contact Signet Armorlite, (800) 950-5367; fax (800) 759-0660.

Boji Optical: Miyazawa Eyewear
Boji Optical International presents Miyazawa Eyewear. The line, which is sold in the U.S., Europe and Asia, consists of 60 ophthalmic and 12 sunglass styles in 70 color combinations. Frames are made of stainless steel, monel, zyl in double and triple laminates and metal and plastic combinations. Designs include fully rimmed, semi-rimless and rimless styles in trendy shapes. PHILOSOPHY: “Miyazawa Eyewear is designed to bring energy and excitement to your frame boards and fashion-conscious customers to your stores,” says Boji national sales manager Michael J. Papineau. “The collection combines sleek, modern designs and cool, contemporary colors with extremely competitive price points for a great profit margin.” PRESENTATION: Posters and countercards in various sizes are available. Displays holding 24 and 36 frames are being planned. Each style comes with a case.