Eyewear and Trends: New Frame Products



Photographed by Nedjeljko Matura

Metzler Int’l: Metzler Collection

Metzler International (USA) presents its Metzler Collection. Included are nine styles (four titanium frames, three metals and two plastics) targeted to adults in their mid-20s to late 40s. Shapes are variations on octagons, ovals, rectangles and upsweeps in eye sizes from 47mm to 52mm. Two styles are semi-rimless. Frame colors range from metal tones and brown and gray gradients to combinations of tortoise with gold or gunmetal, aqua and silver, brown, blue and silver, wine and silver, amber and gold, gray and bronze, wine and black and purple and gunmetal.

PHILOSOPHY: “The Metzler Collection features classic styles and clean designs combined with expert engineering in the true German tradition,” says John Castagnetti, Metzler product development manager. PRESENTATION: Merchandising materials include a five-place display and countercards. Each frame comes with a hard case.

AO-Sola: Teflon EasyCare

AO-Sola launches its premium Teflon EasyCare Lens Coating under a licensing agreement with DuPont. The new anti-reflective coating combines superior anti-glare performance with outstanding protection against scratches, dust, water and oil, according to the company. Teflon EasyCare features a pleasing arctic blue refection color, 0.7 percent residual reflectance, hydrophobic and anti-static qualities and an ultra-smooth surface, which allows dirt and smudges to be easily wiped away. The coating is available on the following Sola and AO hard resin lenses: SV, Percepta, VIP, XL, AO Compact and AO b’Active. Teflon EasyCare is offered with a no questions asked warranty valid for as long as the prescription is valid (original prescription in original frame).

PHILOSOPHY: “Teflon EasyCare offers a series of consumer benefits that creates new standards in lens coatings. It combines clarity with toughness and easy-cleaning properties not found in other lens coatings,” says Sola International CEO Jeremy Bishop. “We worked closely with DuPont to produce a lens coating with the same characteristics for which non-optical Teflon products are known: protection, convenience and performance.” PRESENTATION: Support materials include product and consumer brochures and a demonstrator incorporating a mirror. Marketing materials carry the tagline “Lenses that stand up to the real world.” For additional information, contact AO-Sola, (866) 289-7652; fax (866) 329-7652.