Features: Fashion Feature


Real Men in Great Glasses

Photographed by STATIA MOLEWSKI
Fashion Editor: GLORIA NICOLA
Hair and Makeup: BRYAN LYNDE/R.J. Bennett

EDDIE SALMAGGI, a Long Island resident, is an “A” technician, a car guru, he says. He also sings, plays the guitar and writes music for his rock and roll group, Burnt Offering, which he refers to as an alternate band. And he owns a Harley-Davidson. It’s the motorcycle that determines his choice of sunglasses. “I like small inexpensive sunglasses because I constantly lose them,” Eddie notes. “And anything rectangular. Rectangles are cool.” Eddie prefers dark lenses for day and lighter lenses for night. He doesn’t care for oversized metals. “They remind me of Elvis style,” he explains. “Not that there’s anything wrong with that. It’s just not me.” His favorite color for eyewear—black. “Black commands a certain respect no other color does,” he says.

Eddie Salmaggi, mechanic, wears TAGHEUR Reflex 3002, a titanium
rectangle with rubberized temples, from Premiere Vision/Luxury Division of Logo Group • Circle No. 184

JAKE MONACO is a music major at the University of Richmond in Virginia. The 19-year-old student plays guitar and sings with the band NE3, which just released a CD: “Step Outside.” You can listen to tracks from the album on the band’s web site www.NE3Band.com as well as find out more info on the members and upcoming performance dates. Jake is blessed with perfect vision but does wear sunglasses. “I pick my sunglasses based on looks,” he says. “I usually wear them on the top of my head during gigs.”

Jake Monaco, student and musician,  wears GOTHAMSTYLE 58, a plastic preppie style,  from Smilen Eyewear • Circle No. 186

GEORGE FRANGOS is the manager of a downtown New York restaurant. The 36-year-old contact lens wearer who is “very nearsighted” says he will occasionally don frames. “The most important thing about glasses to me is how they look and how they fit.” Being a CL wearer he also owns sunwear—“I wear sunglasses daily,” he notes. “I have one really good pair and a lot of bad pairs.”

George Frangos, restaurant manager, wears CALVIN KLEIN 280S, a semi-rimless metal sunglass, from Calvin Klein Eyewear • Circle No. 179

ANDREW HYAFORD is a financial research analyst on Wall Street and lives in New York City. A prescription eyeglass wearer, Andrew prefers very thin frames and always looks for lightweight materials. His ophthalmic frames are black plastic with a slight gray lens tint. For sunglasses, he likes metal in black or silver. His favorite style: small rectangles. “I don’t care for big frames, especially those oversize, square ‘TV’ screen designs,” he notes. “What’s most important to me is finding eyewear that looks good on me. There are some really cool styles out there, but if they don’t look good on me I won’t wear them”

Andrew Hayford, businessman, wears TOMMY BAHAMA Sunshine, a double-bridge metal sunglass, from L’Amy Group • Circle No. 182

ADAM NEIMAN is a classically trained pianist, composer and Juilliard graduate who has been playing piano for 19 years. The 24-year-old has performed with the Chicago Symphony Orchestra, the St. Louis Symphony and the New York Chamber Music Symphony. Adam is farsighted but only wears his glasses during concerts when performing chamber music so he can read from the score. “I like glasses that are not too heavy. I prefer thinner frames.” As for sunwear, Adam says, “I don’t like a lens that’s too dark. I like the tint to be as close to real lighting as possible.”

Adam Neiman, pianist, wears JEFF BANKS 228, a plastic rectangle, from Metzler International (USA) • Circle No. 183 

Eddie Salmaggi, mechanic, wears KENNETH COLE Millennium Man, a double-bridge metal aviator-style sunglass, from ClearVision Optical • Circle No. 180

George Frangos, restaurant manager, wears ESQUIRE 403, a plastic preppie design, from Rem Eyewear • Circle No. 185

Andrew Hayford, businessman, wears BILL BLASS 818, a softened plastic rectangle, from Eyewear Designs • Circle No. 181