Choice Options

Our special section showcases the latest accessories

Photographed by NEDJELJKO MATURA
Fashion Editor: Gloria Nicola

Eyewear accessories have grown up. They’re now true fashion accessories. Eyeglass cases don’t just look like handbags. They have become handbags—made from the same fine materials complete with handles, straps and pockets for change and credit cards. Readers are shapely and colorful and, just like jewelry, designed to be noticed in ultra-slim packaging—jewel-encrusted or brocade cases, with inner mirrors for pocket vanity. Chains are adorned with precious and semi-precious stones. Even cleaning cloths sport the same fashionable prints and logos found on scarves. The new eyewear accessories are a true wardrobe of fashion options.

Clockwise from top left: FUNSPECS Reader ISO 9002, blue plastic cat eye • Circle No. 205; IRISH EYESAfter Hours Gold Oval packaged in blue brocade case with mirror • Circle No. 207; DUCAL TRADING, Double-rim Gold Oval with lenses that flip down • Circle No. 200; MICROVISION OPTICAL Kathrine Baumann Tube Reader from Rem Eyewear, ultra-narrow rimless silver rectangle with case covered in Swarovski crystals • Circle No. 211; SAX OPTICAL Reader S004, elongated pink metaloval with ultra-slim shiny pink case• Circle No. 212; SCOJO VISION TriBeCa Walker Street, semi-rimlesslilac cat eye • Circle No. 213

Clockwise from top left: ZIZI EYES Harlequin, black plastic cat eye with metal temples • Circle No. 215; MORGENTHAL-FREDERICS cat eye Lorgnette with beaded chain accented with emeralds • Circle No. 209; HILCO Reader 223, double-bridge plastic cat eye with metal endpieces • Circle No. 206; EYESPACE Myspex 103, foldable red plastic cat eye with metal temples • Circle No. 202; EYEMAGINE, Ergo 5, semi-rimless green plastic oval • Circle No. 201; Melissa Eyewear Reader SH-41, purple/beige plastic cat eye with chain • Circle No. 208 

Clockwise from bottom left: ASTUCCI U.S. Knot Bag AL7879, large black case with knotted handle and silver stud accents • Circle No. 197; NEW YORK EYE, Division of Hart Specialties, Style 566, red-black textured handbag-style hard case with handles • Circle No. 210; CALIFORNIA OPTICAL  Style 115, fabric-covered hard case in floral motif with leather-like handles • Circle No. 198; WHITING AND DAVIS Style 1-02867, shiny blue beaded mesh pouch-style case with exterior pockets • Circle No. 214; CORINNE MCCORMACK Style 51801, scarlet double vertical silky eyeglass case with shiny vinyl flap • Circle No. 199; FRANEL OPTICAL SUPPLY, Floral-motif Hard Case with shiny finish • Circle No. 204; FEDON AMERICA Giorgio Fedon FD06, beige, zippered, quilted leather clutch • Circle No. 203