As the leading publication serving the optical community 20/20 magazine
values its editorial position. One of our goals is to always present eyewear in a style and fashion context that serves the needs of our readers. We also think of the magazine as a forum of optical insights. As such we value the opinions of our readers. What follows is the correspondence received on a photo used on the cover of the August

As editor-in-chief I apologize without agenda to anyone offended by the cover and encourage all readers to express their opinions on any optical topics covered by
. Email or write and we WILL respond.

James J. Spina

I have just received my latest issue of 20/20 magazine. It has always been appreciated as a great magazine for those of us who work and serve in the optical business. I have looked forward to its coming issue after issue because it is a great resource. Usually, I read its contents from cover to cover and often share pictures and articles with other staff members.

Honestly, as I picked up the August issue, I was appalled with the lack of proper dress by your model on the front cover. It is evident that she did not have a mother to teach her about proper undergarments. You are certainly not selling optical products or frames by having her pose without decent coverage. By your selection of a front cover of this nature, you and your staff are cheapening the entire optical profession and lowering it to some sleazy, cheap nightclub establishment.

If this is the kind of product that I am to expect on a monthly basis from 20/20 magazine, I would like to request that my name be taken off your mailing list. I do not want to have to keep your magazine under the counter and protected from children, young people and decent adults.

Regretfully submitted,
Jimmie L. Wood, ABOC
Eye Physician Associates
Milwaukee, Wis.

Are you selling sex toys or optical products ? Is this Playboy or the 20/20 magazine I used to read? I was a little disheartened by the August front cover. I hold slightly higher standards for my profession in opticianry.

Thank you for understanding,  
Rebecca Horse, optician

I am writing to express my dissatisfaction with the cover of your August 2002 20/20 magazine. Something is wrong when I can not bring home my optical journals because even they contain nudity. The model pictured is revealing much more of her chest than the glasses she is wearing. Please be more selective in your covers, I don’t think nudity makes your magazine more educational, nor does it project a positive image of your publication.

Ken Rousselo, OD
Cary, N.C.

I am writing in reference to the cover photo of Volume 29, issue 8, 20/20 magazine.  As a busy professional I don’t always have time to read each journal that comes out. I do try to find the time for 20/20 even if it is just to thumb through the current issue. 

I do believe we are a professional business and that any deviation from professionalism in the business place only takes away from all of our credibility. I find that the cover photo of this issue is very inappropriate for an eyecare business journal. If I wanted to see nipples exposed I would subscribe to Playboy. I have had Playboy delivered to my home in the past and that is certainly fine for any adult, but I would not have Playboy sent to my business as that would not be professional. There is a time and a place for all things. Nipples don’t belong in the workplace unless you are a cosmetic surgeon, a stripper or an OB/GYN practice.

B.Ferguson L.D.O.