Features: Fashion Feature


Frame Work

Photographed by NED MATURA
Fashion Editor: GLORIA NICOLA


Take a dramatically angled eye shape. Enhance it with a sloping bridge. 
Add exquisitely sculpted temples. Finish it with tapered, translucent tips. 
Such is the architecture of eyewear—The work of the Frame.
It accentuates the face.  It structures the lenses.
It defines the shape.  It is the perfect frame of reference.

TURA N036, metal core showing through translucent plastic temples, from Tura • Circle No. 417; JALAPENOS Xena, plastic overlays on the top and bottom of temples, from A&A Optical • Circle No. 413; JILL STUART 119, metal temples inserted into plastic temples with translucent tips, from Eyewear Designs • Circle No. 415; BONEVILLE 70, temples inserted into expandable lower temple piece, from Brendel Lunettes • Circle No. 414; Sabatini Elite 4, metal piece inserted into top of metal temples, from Smilen Eyewear • Circle No. 416

From top: INNOVATIVE IMF378, plastic cat eye with magnetic clip, from Revolution Eyewear • Circle No. 407; CHAMPION 538, semi-rimless, metal, modified rectangle, from B. Robinson Optical • Circle No. 408;
KIPLING 537, large aviator lenses over small metal frame, from L’Amy Group • Circle No. 406; 2.5 EYEPHORICS, rimless rectangle with rimless
clip, from Italee Optics • Circle No. 405; STEVE MADDEN SO56, rimless double-bridge rectangle, from Colors in Optics • Circle No. 404

From top: FAYE, softened plastic rectangle, from Selima Optique • Circle No. 412; ROBERT MARC 114, sharply angled plastic butterfly, from Robi • Circle No. 411; DEXTER, plastic rectangle with rounded eyerims, from l.a. Eyeworks • Circle No. 409; MODO 796, plastic rectangle, from Modo Eyewear • Circle No. 410

Clockwise from top left: NYMPH, plastic cat eye with double eyerims, from Morgenthal-Frederics Eyewear • Circle No. 400; EVE, plastic cat eye with double eyerims and sculpted temples, from Sama Eyewear • Circle No. 401; BEBE Chica, plastic, modified oval with double outer eyerims, from Signature Eyewear • Circle No. 402; COSMOPOLITAN Crave, plastic oval, from Rem Eyewear • Circle No. 403