Eyewear and Trends: Frames and Sunwear Trends



Marchon: X Games Eyewear

Under a licensing agreement with ESPN, Marchon Eyewear introduces X Games, a line of ophthalmic eyewear designed for boys between the ages of 10 and 15. Extremely popular among adolescent boys, X Games, often referred to as the “Olympics of action sports,” takes place twice a year and encompasses such individualized sports events as skateboarding, BMX bicycle stunts, MotorX, snowboarding and inline skating. The new eyewear line, which consists of four styles, was designed with these aspiring young athletes in mind. All of the frames feature a Flexon memory metal bridge, flexible spring hinges and metal bow temples with injected tips. Each style is available with a stainless-steel clip-on sun lens. Frames are offered in colors with names such as antifreeze, sparks, toast and midnight.

PHILOSOPHY: “The X-Games ophthalmic collection fills a very important and under-serviced niche in eyewear—that of tweens and young teens. X-Games is a durable top-quality product at an excellent value, with vivid clip-ons to enhance point-of-sale,” says Amber Reilly, Marchon public relations coordinator. PRESENTATION: Merchandising materials include a four-place display, countercard and acrylic logo plaque, all featuring the gritty, colorful graffiti logo against an urban backdrop. Each frame comes with a black hard case. A separate case is offered with the clip-on.

Silhouette: The Titan Shape System

To merchandise its Titan Minimal Art line, known for its signature hingeless technology, Silhouette Optical introduces the Titan Shape System. This new system is designed to work with Silhouette’s Titan Minimal Art, Titan Next Generation and Titan Metallic Collections, making it possible to create 40 lens-shape options. The system consists of two display boxes, both offering 10 rimless frame fronts with 10 lens shapes in two sizes each and a pair of detachable, interchangeable ruthenium temples from the Titan Next Generation Metallic and Titan Minimal Art Collections. One box contains the Progressive Collection, which provides a variety of shapes designed to work with the requirements of progressive lens designs. The second is the Micro Collection, consisting of trendy shapes for young, fashion-forward consumers. Clip-on sunlenses are available for all 20 shapes.

PHILOSOPHY: Silhouette’s new Titan Shape System is all about options—offering consumers a multitude of new lens shapes from which to choose. It takes the guesswork out of purchasing eyewear, letting customers try on and select their favorite styles,” says Silhouette vice president marketing Gloria Maccaroni. “Additionally, this system eliminates the need to cut and drill custom shapes, maximizing both the financial and time commitments invested by eyecare professionals.” PRESENTATION: The display boxes feature a folding easel design for convenient storage.

Luxottica: Revo Polarized Photochromatics

Luxottica Group’s Revo, known for its proprietary LMS (Light Management System) technology, is now introducing an entirely new high-tech, polarized, photochromatic lens. This new Revo lens offers the added glare-cutting features of polarization coupled with the benefits of a photochromatic lens. This lens offers excellent sun protection in its “normal” state, but when activated by UV rays, it darkens, providing greater comfort and protection and exceptional clarity, according to Luxottica. The lens is available in three of Revo’s newest styles—Specialist Due, Stable Ford and Spider—and is offered in pink, brown and olive. Frames are metal with matte finishes.

PHILOSOPHY: “We are pleased to offer our valued Revo customers yet another lens option—one that incorporates the standard of excellence associated with Luxottica’s Revo brand,” says Luxottica Group director of marketing Vittorio Verdun. “This new lens is ideal for all outdoor activities, adjusting to any lighting condition and ensuring optimum vision.” PRESENTATION: Merchandising materials include one- and six-place displays with a Revo turntable, Revo lens display, logo block and a variety of countercards and posters.

Altair Eyewear: Diamontite Magnetics

Altair Eyewear adds Diamontite Magnetics to its Diamontite line of three-piece mounts introduced last year. The new collection, which consists of seven stainless-steel styles in masculine and feminine designs, combines Altair’s diamond-securing system with its patented magnetic clip technology. Diamontite frames feature a patent-pending diamond hinge system, which tightly grips each lens at only two points, thereby eliminating misaligned drill holes and loose lenses. Additionally, in the new collection, all of the frames are offered with magnetic clip sunlenses. The clips are rimless and equipped with scratch-resistant, polarized lenses providing 100 percent UV protection. Frames are offered in an array of colors
PHILOSOPHY: “The lightweight ‘barely there’ appearance of Diamontite has been extremely popular and we wanted to enhance the collection by adding more versatility. The new Diamontite Magnetics collection combines the style and elegance of a three-piece mount design with the functionality of a magnetic rimless sun clip, creating a seamless transition from eyewear to sunwear,” says Tom Grogan, Altair product development and brands manager. PRESENTATION: Merchandising materials include an acrylic tent sign, countercard and poster. Each frame comes with a metallic silver frame/clip combination case.

Rem Eyewear:
Pen and Tube Readers

Rem Eyewear adds a second collection of Pen and Tube Readers to its MicroVision Optical readers’ line. Each Pen and Tube case (now made of polycarbonate) hold a mini reader, measuring 12.7mm and equipped with spring hinges. Included are full-frame metal readers and three-piece mount designs in metal and plastic. The three-piece mounts have polycarbonate lenses. The entire line is available in powers from +1.00D to +3.00D in 0.50 diopter steps. Styles in the Pen collection (featuring actual working pens) include improved Crystal Clear and Crystal Chrome readers in the Crystal Eyes series; a redesigned Concorde series, consisting of Bright Chrome and SoftTouch Pen Readers; and a new series, Charisma Pen Readers, offered in six bright colors. Also included in this launch are two series of Tube Readers: Specs-tacular, featuring a plastic flip-top tube-style case with a clip; and the Patriot series, packaged in ultra-slim aluminum cases, offered in dimpled red, white or blue or with a stars-and-stripes motif.
PHILOSOPHY: “With the growing number of maturing consumers, we believe readers are an essential component to any optical business,” says Rem executive vice president Steve Horowitz. “When consumers walk into a practice, they expect a high level of quality in every product and service they receive. It’s our goal to ensure retailers have superior readers they are proud to sell.”

Artoptic: Art-Lites Cool Collection

Artoptic International adds the Art-Lites Cool collection to its popular Art-Lites line of three-piece mounts introduced in 2001. The new collection, which is manufactured in Italy, consists of three frames made of Niclafor 1001, an ultra lightweight metal. Frame features include easy mounting capabilities and a secured axis. For enhanced stability, all of the new styles are equipped with spring hinges encased in a twisted endpiece/temple design. Demo lenses are A-R coated. Frames are offered in variations on oval and rectangular shapes in blue, mauve, bronze and gold. Eye sizes are 48mm and 49mm with bridges of 17mm and temple lengths of 140mm.

PHILOSOPHY: “This fresh new collection combines the popular elements of the Art-Lites line—rimless design, lightweight, easy mounting and secured axis—with enhanced stability and youthful colorations,” says Artoptic president George Gero. PRESENTATION: Each frame comes with a black hard case.