Features: Fashion Feature


Face It

Photographed by NEDJELJKO MATURA
Fashion Editor: GLORIA NICOLA
Hair and Makeup: KRISTINE OULMAN/R.J. Bennett
Stylist: TARA SMITH/R.J. Bennett

Taken at face value, glasses define how you see… And how you are seen. They give vision… And they project a vision. Glasses are a window on the world that looks out… And looks in. Presenting eyewear that puts its best face forward—Face to Face.
NAUTICA 6520S, plastic rectangle with lenses superimposed over frame, from Marchon Eyewear • Circle No. 392

From left JEFF BANKS 450, metal rectangle, from Metzler International (USA) • Circle No. 394; GIANFRANCO FERRE 05902, plastic preppie style, from Allison Eyewear • Circle No. 378;  KENNETH COLE Be Prep-Ared, plastic preppie style, from ClearVision Optical • Circle No. 381; PAUL FRANK OPTOMETRICS Tremoloux, plastic butterfly, from Baum Vision • Circle No. 380
Left to right: DOLCE & GABBANA 396, plastic angled rectangle with metal endpieces, from Marcolin USA • Circle No. 393; AFTER SIX At Any Price, rimless metal bowtie, from Continental Ben-Glo Optical • Circle No. 382; CHANEL 3026, angled plastic rectangle, from Luxottica Group • Circle No. 391
Left to right: IOWA, softened plastic rectangle, from Lafont • Circle No. 388; RODENSTOCK 4385, semi-rimless small rectangle with plastic upper eyerims and metal bridge, from Rodenstock North America • Circle No. 396 ;  HUGO 15847 by Hugo Boss, plastic, double-bridge aviator, from CXD/Charmant Exclusive Division • Circle No. 383
Left: CANDIE’S Giselle, plastic oval, from Viva International Group • Circle No. 398; right: THALIA Esperanza, semi-rimless metal butterfly, from Lancer International/Division of Kenmark Group • Circle No. 389
Left: TOMMY HILFIGER 311, rimless plastic rectangle, from Lantis Eyewear • Circle No. 390; right: ALAIN MIKLI AO101, plastic rectangle with open endpieces, from Alain Mikli • Circle No. 377
Left: HAWAI, plastic butterfly,
from Face-a-Face
• Circle No. 378; right: JAGUAR 3726,
angled metal oval
 from Eastern States Eyewear • Circle No. 384
Left: GUCCI 1443, elongated plastic oval, from Gucci Eyewear • Circle No. 387; right: ANGLO AMERICAN 312, plastic rectangle, from Anglo American Optical • Circle No. 379
Left: SILHOUETTE 8577, double-bridge,
rimless, titanium aviator with lenses attached over browbar, from
Silhouette Optical
• Circle No. 397; right: KATA Rondo,
plastic almond
design with open metal endpieces, from eyeOTA
• Circle No. 385;