Eyewear and Trends: New Frame Products


Kenmark Optical: Thalia Eyewear

Photographed by Nedjeljko Matura

Kenmark Optical: Thalia Eyewear

Under a worldwide licensing agreement with internationally renowned Latin singer/actress Thalia, Kenmark Optical launches Thalia Eyewear. Targeted to young Latin/Hispanic women between the ages of 15 and 35, the new line contains 12 ophthalmic styles: eight metals and four plastics; and six sunglasses: four plastics and two metal/plastic combinations. Shapes include fun, trendy variations on bowtie, cat-eye, oval, rectangular and wrap designs. Colors range from chrome, gold, gunmetal and silver to black, cocoa, crystal, lime, pink and yellow. Decorative details consist of double eye rims, lace-like finishes and star accents. PHILOSOPHY: “Thalia exemplifies style, confidence and glamour. As a leader in all she does, now is the time for her to launch into new markets. Kenmark is thrilled to be a part of the Thalia sensation. Her beauty and sex appeal will be reflected in each piece of eyewear developed for the collection,” says Kenmark vice president of international sales John Justice. “This is a fabulous opportunity for me to bring my love of fun and fashionable eyewear to the world. It also fills me with much pride to know the collection is being created with my Latin American community in mind,” Thalia adds. PRESENTATION: A merchandising package is being planned. PRICE POINT: Frames and sunglasses are offered to dispensers at prices ranging from $12.95 for some of the sunglasses to $57.45 for the Italian metal frames. For additional information, contact Kenmark Optical, (800) 627-2898; fax (800) 395-6733. Circle No. 184

Logo of the Americas: Harry Potter

Logo of the Americas launches Harry Potter eyewear, a children’s ophthalmic collection, taking its name from the phenomenally successful book series. Timed to correspond with the film, “Harry Potter and the Sorcerer’s Stone,” released in November, 2001, and setting box-office records, the eyewear line contains 10 frames. Shapes consist of ovals, rectangles and the signature Harry Potter completely round design in such contemporary colors as blue, purple and silver. Frames are equipped with spring hinges. Five styles offer glow-in-the dark “snitches” on the temple tips and rotating temples that show or hide the Harry Potter logo. Other temple details include a replica of the lightning scar appearing on Harry’s forehead. PHILOSOPHY: “Logo of the Americas has launched an eyewear collection that embodies the mystery and magic of Harry Potter’s world. The frames give each child the opportunity to identify with the beloved Harry and his friends Ron and Hermione. As a result, the frames become more than accessories. Wearing them is an enchanting adventure,” says Guillaume Pottecher, Logo director of creation and marketing. PRESENTATION: Merchandising materials include a book display, mobile featuring Harry reaching for the Golden Snitch, parchment scroll and gifts with purchase, such as a magic wand and Harry Potter collectors’ case. PRICE POINT: Frames are offered to dispensers at prices ranging from $39.95 to $42.95. For additional information, contact Logo of the Americas, (800) 322-5646; fax (800) 447-5646. Circle No. 195

Glance: Britney Spears Eyewear

To celebrate entertainer Britney Spears’ new album, new single and her first feature film “Crossroads,” Glance Eyewear adds a collection of ophthalmic quality sunglasses to its Britney Spears Eyewear line. Shapes range from rimless and semi-rimless metal styles to full-frame plastics in variations on aviator, bowtie, butterfly, cat-eye, oval, rectangular and shield designs. Plastic styles are equipped with spring hinges. Frames are offered in a variety of colors, including metal tones, navy, tortoise, black and such combinations as pink over purple and crystal with watermelon. All lenses are UV400 polycarbonate and are available in smoke, brown and assorted fashion colors, some with gradient and mirror treatments. PHILOSOPHY: “Building on the success of our Shades of Britney collection, this new offering is a strong, stylish ophthalmic quality line of sunglasses designed for both teens and adults. Many people admire Britney Spears’ unique fashion. This collection embodies the fun and bubbly essence and style she has become known for,” says Glance director of marketing Nelson Wu. PRESENTATION: A six-place display is offered with a fifteen-piece order. A poster is also available. Each sunglass comes with a pouch in two pastel colors. PRICE POINT: Frames are offered to dispensers at prices ranging from $39.95 for the plastic sunglasses to $49.95 to $59.95 for the metals. For additional information, contact Glance Eyewear, (800) 633-0212; fax (877) 393-3293. Circle No. 152

Lindberg: Acetanium

Lindberg, long known for its titanium eyewear, launches Acetanium, a collection of 11 frames made by combining acetate with titanium. The frame fronts and temples are made of acetate. The hinges are titanium and temples and bridges are reinforced with titanium. Additionally, the bridge forms the basis for the flexible and adjustable nosepad arms, also used in Lindberg’s other eyewear collections. The result is lightweight, minimalist design. Shapes include modern variations on rectangles, ovals and bowties, all with rounded, open temple tips. Each frame comes in two sizes in a choice of 10 colors. PHILOSOPHY: “Lindberg, known for its unconventional thinking, has done it again with its Acetanium collection, while maintaining the company’s philosophy of producing lightweight, comfortable eyewear in an elegant and functional design. We have combined the best features of acetate and titanium to make a light, aesthetic and, above all, comfortable frame, which is bound to set a new standard for minimalist design,” says Lindberg product and design manager Lars Bojvad Jensen. PRESENTATION: Wall and window displays, countercards and postcards are available. For additional information, contact Lindberg, (800) 386-9196; fax (800) 386-9197. Circle No. 151