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December 2013


This holiday season, Luxottica teamed with The Rockettes to teach some lucky editors a lesson in high kicks and meticulously coordinated dance moves. On one of the chilliest evenings yet, nearly 50 members of the press gathered with workout gear and a sparing save-the-date at Radio City Music Hall. We were led to its core through a maze up stairways and down halls to find the Rockettes' personal dance studio, usually slated year-round for arduous auditions, stage rehearsals and parade practice. A once-in-a-lifetime experience, we were treated to an energizing adventure, lined up to begin our lesson and introduced to the two talented Rockettes responsible for our glimpse at a day-and-dance-in-their-life. We moved as a mammoth group, learning synchronized steps from a few of their famous numbers. We were also afforded behind-the-scenes stories of teamwork and dedication while enjoying the festive setup, surrounded by gift-wrapped d├ęcor and a display of some of this season's handpicked sunwear from Sunglass Hut. The showcase of top holiday styles and immersion in an 81-year-long holiday tradition put a sunny glow on a holiday season already merry and bright.

—Breanna Benz

—Breanna Benz

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InnerVision: Delve into Deluxe


20/20's December issue features fine eyewear showcased in one of our team's favorite studios. Our models shine in a new light of eyewear we've dubbed the Deluxe Redux in luxurious pieces purposed beyond just exclusivity and pricey luxury. See Behind the Seens.

Reporter's Frame of the Month:

After one glance at this frame on face at our December photo shoot, this mixed-material Marchon beauty secured its spot, a Valentino first, as Frame of the Month. While the classic cateye has been an opti favorite of 2013, these are tempered with a rounded shape and lightweight metal material that thoroughly outdoes some of the more clunky cats we've seen, and the glaze of wine-red glaze highlights its supreme feminine flourish. Our eyes are on Valentino style 2120 from Marchon Eyewear as the ultimate cat's meow.

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