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September 2013

Robert Graham Stock Rises

As I dashed across town, I felt like quite the quintessential magazine editor, bounding between our September issue photo shoot and interviewing Robert Stock, founder and chief creative officer of the debut optical line on the minds of 20/20 this season, Robert Graham Eyewear from Revolution Eyewear. After encountering the brand's colorful personality firsthand in the showroom atrium—a strong chemistry of primary brights, tailored finery and eclectic murals—I was escorted to Stock's personal office, cheerfully brimming with books, magazines and artifacts of his prolific presence in the fashion industry. We got straight down to business as he inspected one of his own brand's frames in what I took for an extremely successful exercise in focusing himself on what was at hand—relaying relevant, interesting insight into his history, musings on the optical industry and how Robert Graham's newest extension fits into it all. For a brand spanning so many categories, the most notable fact that emerged during my time spent with Stock became the undeniable commitment and research he has invested to build up an immovable confidence in stamping the Robert Graham signature on an unprecedented arena for the brand. We're elated to bring you the inside story of Robert Stock and his optical collection bursting with purposeful details as we welcome the dedicated designer to our industry.

—Breanna Benz

—Breanna Benz

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InnerVision: See Behind the Seens of a Double Exposure


Eyewear and sunwear co-star in our show issue brimming with the scene-stealing styles we're idolEYEzing this season. View the slideshow and watch the chemistry come together.

Hall of Frames

Rihanna consistently pulls out the stops with audacious eyewear and sunwear, shaping trends and maintaining an insistence on turning heads. She seems to be a bit of an EYEcessories addict, like most of us here at 20/20, and her unprecedented choices consistently clinch her accessories as the showstopper of her ensembles. The undeniably dominant force behind hip-hop fashion heads up the list of Hall of Frames favorites in Roberto Cavalli style RC0725 crystal-ecrusted serpent shades from Marcolin. —BB

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