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August 2013

Frame of the Month

This month, luxury leader Barton Perreira makes a sweep, even generating a new category of acclaim for us to confer on outstanding emissaries of eyewear at its best. Not only did a Frame of the Month finally find us after a lengthy summer lull uncovering no quite rightly deserving eyewear art, we'd also like to make a bit of a commotion about their accompanying frame display case. After more than four hours wading through product boxes brimming with September's contenders and a few Frame of The Month false positives, the beacon of imminent eyewear style was Barton Perreira's Karlheinz delivered to us in a thoughtfully-fashioned frame display case worthy of this most engaging piece from the issue's product review. Barton Perreira's particular iteration of the shape caught our eye among countless others including a grouping chosen to be photographed atop the browned pages of a long out-of-print fashion magazine, Flair, for a clubman-centric focus in 20/20 September.

With the clubmaster overtaking even the P3 as eyewear's once-retro shape of choice, brush up on the ebb and flow of bold browlines and the psychology behind their recent resurgence with a history lesson in 20/20 September's "The Brows Are Back In Town," by Preston Fassel, who has an impressive instinct when it comes to tides of eyewear styles past and present. I have to agree with Preston, and this exemplary Barton Perreira brow is nothing less than a clear affirmation that the clubman has found another dash on the timeline, surpassing mere vintage interest and carving a place once again among essential modern eyewear.

—Breanna Benz

—Breanna Benz

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InnerVision: See Behind the Seens through Kidz Eyez


Making a Silly SPECtacle
These kids ran wild amped up on bright eyewear, slumber party snacks and budding friendships, and our PJ-clad peewees showed off their mini specs like seasoned vets. View the slideshow and see them at their very best.

20/20 In Motion

It all began at our KidzBiz photo shoot when we felt we were missing out on crucially cute kiddie moments and realized we couldn’t carry on comprehensively updating our loyal social followers without snapping a video and sharing across our Web platforms. Thirty minutes and a few outtakes later, 20/20 social media video was born, and this summer 20/20 is framing things in a whole new way when it comes to socialEYEzing. See our Behind-the-Seens and opti-obsessed shorts on our Facebook, Twitter and Instagram feeds, or directly at, and stay tuned to see 20/20 on the move. —BB

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