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July 2013

Making Moves with Oakley: Final Lap

In the previous Reporter’s Notebook we recounted the efforts Oakley is engaging to get girls on the go to banish damaging sun rays with flattering sport-focused sunwear scientifically specialized for the female face. Part of this affront on ineffectual sun protection was put into gear by hitting the pavement. Oakley blazed a trail to increase awareness not only within the eyewear world, but with city and sport-minded women the world round by assembling an Oakley-backed team, myself included, to participate in the 2013 Oakley New York Mini 10K. Mobilized after months of pep talks and prep gear, the day arrived when we gathered for the early morning race, taking on a sparkling Central Park, rain-drenched just hours before and beautifully blanketed by the bluest skies of the season. Along with swarms of other women for an empowering total of 5,595 runners in the ladies-only race, the Oakley team was energized and outfitted, a vision of the race maxim, “Made for More.” Oakley is putting one foot in front of the other to break ground with weekend warriors and active women: Gone are the days of donning guys’ gear—Oakley knows, we are made for more.

—Breanna Benz

—Breanna Benz

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InnerVision: Behind the Seens of GenEYE


For the Young and Young at Heart
Defiant shapes, distinct textures and unexpected details strengthen the youth movement, seen through a prism of in-your-face energy. It all comes together Behind the Seens of our GenEYE photo shoot.  View the slideshow »

Moving Images

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Hall of Frames

Celebrity designer Marc Ecko transcends tailored hipster-handsome and hits on a branded look all his own complete with GenEYE-favored clubman Marc Ecko Cut & Sew style Alex from ClearVision Optical, calling even more attention to the deserving rock-rooted sun and optical shape of the summer. —BB

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