Insights: Parting Glance


Art of the Frame

Matsuda has created a very limited eyewear “look book” of sorts titled Du Present Au Futur designed by James Kisgen in collaboration with the creative direction and photography of Christopher Greco. This 20/20 one-word review is… STUNNING. Allow us to simply quote from it: “Matsuda Eyewear: luxury through material, quality through craft, innovative by design.” The two images presented here attest to that.
— James J. Spina

The bar he sets for luxury in eyewear (and… everything in his life!) remains high. His bark remains equally cutting but with a unique sense of mellow for those he loves. And now as then in the January issue of 2009 and back when he originally debuted the Matsuda brand now in new hands, Larry Sands continues to fuel hearts on fire as an Ultrapreneur focused on the flame. —JJS