Bringing Photography and Ophthalmic Lenses into Focus
Renee Wheelock was about 11 years old when her parents bought her a camera, “a popular instamatic film camera with a square flashbulb...

Lab Usage Survey
For many eyecare practices and retail stores, their wholesale lab is much more than just a supplier. They regard their lab...

My Frustrating PD Experience



The Art of Science
BPI is one of the most recognized brands in the optical industry. But even if you haven’t heard of it, you have probably used some of its products. Under the direction...

The Power and Politics of the PD
Probably no question elicits more surprise and emotion from eyecare professionals than when they’re asked: “Can I have a copy of my Rx and PD?” Why?

PD or No PD
PD or no PD, that is the question posed by Barry Santini in this month’s L&T feature, “The Power and Politics of the PD.”
Although I doubt Hamlet was on Santini’s...