Ophthalmic Technician

Posted on: 9/3/2014 10:47:00 PM
Job Type: Full-time
Salary: The salary is based on experience.

Excellent opportunity.  Our office offers our patients the latest advancements in eye care.  The technican would preform all testing which inculdes: Marco refractive system intergration, Konan corneal cell count, VEP, ERG, OCT, Tear Lab Teating, B-scan, contact lens fitting, I/R/C training, Optical measurements,  Our office is paperless and transcripiton of exams will also be part of the job.  Every office is different and we will train on all devices and programs that are unfimilar to any new hires.  We also prefrom low vision exams.  As the technicans skill level and experience progresses there is also an opportunity to assists with these patient as well.  If you truly love helping patients this an excellent opportunity.  

Apply Online: https://localeyesite.com/job/ophthalmic-technician-0903-sarasota-fl-7787

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