Director, Industry Relationships

Posted on: 1/26/2015 11:45:00 PM
Job Type: Full-time

Job Summary

Direct responsibility for the development, targeting and management of the OPTImum Club, the group of attendees/buyers with the most influence at our events. The Director, Industry Relationships will identify, build and sustain relationships within the assigned industry group for the purpose of supporting, launching, building or otherwise enabling trade show success.


Hire a dedicated Director, Industry Relationships with deep knowledge and understanding of the ophthalmic profession in terms of both medical and fashion. Responsible for identifying, developing and fostering relationships with the most influential customers in the Eyecare industry to increase overall OPTImum Club attendance, exhibitor connections and on-site purchases to drive exhibitor ROI. The success of this objective will be implemented and measured based on the following criteria:

Conduct 600+ OPTImum member/prospect practice visits

Attend 6+ CAB, AAB & MAP advisory board/panel meetings held during our events and report, develop and monitor implementation of recommendations. This will result in increased participant satisfaction and increase engagement

Attend 6+ competitive events to garner OD insight, feedback and content for education and marketing programs that will increase ROI and satisfaction

Conduct 10+ OPTImum member ‘Town Hall’ meetings and focus group sessions during competitive events and practice visits

Identify and deliver new content for education sessions and sponsored events based on feedback and insight from OPTImum interactions and relationships.

Duties and Responsibilities:

Create program to stimulate connections and buying with new vendors

Responsible for identifying, developing and fostering relationships to increase overall OPTImum attendance, exhibitor connections and on-site purchases to drive exhibitor ROI.

Manage the identification, development and quality of the OPTImum program within the industry. Assure the program aligns with event strategy, attendance and exhibitor goals. Develop and track on necessary business elements of assigned program, including budgets and reporting.

Identify and execute OPTImum program enhancements; provide necessary analysis, universe sizing and reporting to obtain support. Attend advisory board meetings, competitive events and industry meetings to represent OPTImum members providing insights and feedback garnered throughout the year. Provide OPTImum member insights and feedback on content to integrate into the conference program and in exhibit hall.

Participate in the development of the Business Operating Plan. Assist, as appropriate, in new business content and development.

Carry out specific programs to cultivate OPTImum member participation and satisfaction.


College degree preferred.

Knowledge of eyecare profession and ophthalmic industry experience, required

Strong knowledge of specific industry/relevant technology associated with the event(s) preferred.

Excellent oral and written communication skills and interpersonal skills.

10+ years in ophthalmic sales and/or marketing management and education development experience preferred.

Appropriate tradeshow experience preferred.

Experience in strategic planning and new business development preferred.

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