Medical Billing Supervisor

Posted on: 6/22/2014 5:56:00 PM
Job Type: Full-time
Salary: Comensurate with Experience

Looking Only for Strong Qualified Candidates

Supervise the day-to-day functions of Billing Department

Oversee accurate & timely billing of charges, management of denials, payment entry

Participate in the daily duties of charge entry, aged A/R, payment entry

Well versed in ICD-9, CPT coding, and modifier usage

Understanding of payer guidelines including CCI Edits, MUE edits, and LCD's

Supervision of pre-eligibility and pre-verification department

Ophthalmology coding preferred

Requirements: 5+ years in managing medical billing

Previous billing and coding experience (ophthalmology preferred)

Experience working in computerized coding environment required

Previous experience and demonstrated skill in a leadership or supervisory role

Significant organizational experience in team environment

This role will require a candidate who has the professional billing and coding experience noted above combined with the strength of character to lead, motivate and develop a seasoned team to the next level while maintaining current successes and reaching challenging goals. This role will include hands-on, active participation in the duties of the department.

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