Ophthalmic Technician

Posted on: 3/26/2014 11:45:00 PM
Job Type: Full-time

Seeking an Ophthalmic Technician
Individual must be reliable, have stable work history, strong written and verbal communication, and be a cooperative team player.

Patient Care
• Performs accurate and consistent documentation and measurement tasks to include:
o Visual Acuity
o Manual Lensometry
o Confrontational Visual Fields
o Stereo testing
o Evaluation of Motility
o Pupillary function tests
o Color Plates
o Applanation tonometry
o Advanced Refractometry
o Retinoscopy
o Angle Assessment
o Dilation of Pupils
o Contact lens evaluations
o Visual Field Testing
o Optic Nerve Scanning (i.e. OCT, HRT, GDx)
o Pachymetry
o Corneal Topography
o A Scan and B Scan
o Ophthalmic imaging including flourescein angiography
o Other tasks specific to the physician needs as a result of new technologies
• Perform duties consistent with ophthalmic writer/scribe
• Assist physician with laser procedures.
• Assist physician with minor surgery maintaining practice standards of sterile technique and infection control
• Maintain a smooth flow of patients to the physician, altering the test sequence as required.
• Provide telephone support regarding ocular emergencies, prescription refills, and patient care questions.
• Communicate with reception and lead ophthalmic technician to facilitate proper patient flow.

Instrument Maintenance
• Troubleshoot instruments as necessary
• Replace bulbs
• Check connections
• Perform archiving functions according to manufacturer recommendations

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