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Jul 2014

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Oakley and The Red Racing Stable
This matchup is perfect. In fact, we’d have bet the world that Ferrari and Oakley had been in a partnership...  


Hall of Frames


L&T Marketing
Rudy Project Collaborates with Shamir on Rx Sunwear; New Coppertone Polarized Lenses Website Connects with Consumers on All Devices


Street Seen
Expo’s… Hey!?


Meet Gloria Nicola
The headline “Meet Gloria Nicola” may be misleading since we can most likely assume that if you’re on the opti-scene...


Licenses Liaisons & New Collections
Marcolin and Pucci Sign Licensing Agreement; Dian Von Furstenberg and Google Join Forces; Vanni Partners with Match...


The Seekers
GenEYE's stance on eyewear as a style statement is quite clear: GenEYE expects SPECS.


... and you shall find the future destiny of eyewear as declared by GenEYE.


Flight Patterns
Perfect protection against the sun and a glamorous accessory for any occasion and any season, these classic double-bridge designs...


An eclectic neighborhood filled with artistic, eccentric minds finds its home about 5 miles northwest of downtown...


Whats New
LUXOTTICA: Disney Eyewear
Luxottica launches Disney Eyewear, featuring Disney’s most iconic characters, including Mickey and Minnie, Cars...


Whats New
MARCHON: Calvin Klein COLORTHIN Capsule Collection
Made in Italy, COLORTHIN is a capsule collection within the Calvin Klein Platinum label (formerly known as ck...


Whats New
MARCOLIN USA/VIVA: Dsquared2 Eyewear
Marcolin USA/Viva presents its latest Dsquared2 Eyewear collection. Targeted to fashion-conscious men and women...


Whats New
SÀFILO: Marc Newson Collection
Sàfilo celebrates its 80th anniversary with a special capsule collection created in collaboration with influential...


Whats New
ZIMCO OPTICS: English Laundry Black Label
Zimco launches its English Laundry Black Label couture eyewear line. The initial collection consists of men’s, women’s...


Editors Note
What a Pain in the Glass
A Google Glass first encounter? Let’s listen in…


Parting Glance
Starry-Eyed for 2010@20/20
How’s this for a Star Search: Maria Sharapova (Tag Heuer), Diane von Furstenberg (Marchon), Natalie Gulbis (Adidas)...


Consider the Possibility of 3D-Printed Lenses
Almost two years ago, I predicted in this column that one day soon we might be using 3D printing technology...


Limit Your Leyeability
People, technology and even professions change. The old lamplighters of long ago morphed into licensed electricians...