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Mar 2014

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Dear John Varvatos
Stop it. Please... just stop. Just when we thought we had our fill of your rockin’ ad campaigns featuring the most influential and timeless acts in rock ’n’ roll...


Hall of Frames


Lens & Tech Marketing
Transitions Optical Launches Television Advertising to Introduce Its Newest Lens Technology


Street Seen
Decent Exposure


LIcenses Liaisons & New Collections
Google partners with VSP; Luxottica to launch Disney; Avalon signs with Romeo Gigli; Angry Birds take flight on Smith Optics' junior collection; Ogi introduces Innotec...


Meet Mario Arjoon
Ever accessorizing with a positive attitude and a knack for seeing things in the best light, Mario says he’s always known what will make...


Eye Declare
May we boldly introduce frames that smartly and clearly state: Eye Declare!


Stunning Sun
Picture a day that starts with a glorious SunRise AND ends with an even more regal SunRise. Yes. You read that right. With SUNS like this, who needs night?! 


Eye Wonder What's Up Spring 2014
Ten photos including 38 pairs of eyewear and sunwear. The specific groupings declare certain messages about upcoming trends covering a range of opti-topics.


Cat Club
Join the club that’s meant for you and me… or more precisely for women. Any woman. Because who does
not benefit from an uplift...


This is Bobbi Brown
Her dresser top was neatly lined with rows of lipsticks in every shade imaginable—reds, pinks, plums—followed by an endless array of eye shadows, blush compacts...


Lap of Luxury
An area filled with promising and eager shoppers located on the gold coast of Chicago, Oak Street is a luxury shopping destination for those...


Whats New
SÀFILO: Bobbi Brown Optical
Along with the 14-piece sunglass line featured in February 20/20, makeup artist Bobbi Brown introduces her signature ophthalmic collection...


Whats New
KIMIKO: Kerf Screwless Collection
Kimiko Eyewear adds a super-thin, screwless hinge collection to its Kerf Eyeworks line. Made from hypoallergenic, surgical steel with ionized plating...


Whats New
MARCOLIN: Balenciaga
Marcolin launches its prestigious Balenciaga Eyewear and Sunwear line targeted to the timeless, feminine woman. The brand’s radical spirit is expressed through...


Whats New
REM: Converse Jack Purcell
To expand Converse Eyewear’s product range to include more sophisticated eyewear with a vintage inspiration, Rem launches Converse Jack Purcell. Included are 14 ophthalmic...


Whats New
ALTAIR: Evolution
Altair relaunches its Altair collection under the name Altair Evolution. Targeted to men and women 25 to 35 years old looking to revitalize and evolve...


Whats New
VIVA: Twist Temple Technology
Viva debuts a collection featuring Twist Temple Technology. The initial launch includes four styles from the Candie’s line and four styles from Rampage...


Whats New
SÀFILO: Fendi Optical Collection
Sàfilo Group launches Fendi Eyewear and Sunwear. Featured here is the 16-style ophthalmic collection. A 15-piece sunglass line was previewed in...


Whats New
ALTAIR: bebe Black Sun
Altair Eyewear adds the bebe Black capsule collection to its bebe line of eyewear, raising the bar and setting a distinctive tone that reflects the confidence...


Whats New
SMITH OPTICS: Archive Collection
Celebrating its history, Smith Optics reintroduces sunglasses from its past with the launch of the Archive Collection. The five styles in this collection...


Whats New
ZIMCO: Retro “R” Sun Collection
Zimco Optics introduces the Retro “R” Sun Collection to partner with its popular Retro “R” Optical Collection introduced in early 2012. Designed from flexible...


Whats New
Under a partnership with D&R Optical S.R.L., owner of the Spain-based Zen Barcelona Eyewear, Kingdom Eyewear (based in Sacramento, Calif.) is the exclusive...


Editors Note
Eye Wonder (!?)
I’m not usually big on predictions. It’s certainly not the same as a forecast taking a series of unresolved scenarios and finishing with a flourish that...


Behind the Seens
Double Take


Parting Glance
Designer EyeWHERE? Right here in 2006@20/20
Designers start making a powerful impact on 20/20 with covers devoted to Tom Ford, Jhane Barnes and (a continuing favorite!) John Varvatos. But already lots of love...


PD or No PD
PD or no PD, that is the question posed by Barry Santini in this month’s L&T feature, “The Power and Politics of the PD.”
Although I doubt Hamlet was on Santini’s...


The Power and Politics of the PD
Probably no question elicits more surprise and emotion from eyecare professionals than when they’re asked: “Can I have a copy of my Rx and PD?” Why?


The Art of Science
BPI is one of the most recognized brands in the optical industry. But even if you haven’t heard of it, you have probably used some of its products. Under the direction...