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Feb 2009

Februray 2009 Cover


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What the DIFF
The Dubai International Film Festival (DIFF) celebrates cinematic excellence between cultures and this year Marchon was a part of the fifth annual event, which was held on the Jumeirah Hotel properties at the Burj Al Arab Hotel—the only existing seven-star luxury hotel in the world.


Driving the Eyeconomy
In the face of the economic climate, everyone needs a plan to carry them through. Fabio d’Angelantonio, global marketing director for Luxottica Group has one.


Hall of Frames
Eye on the News — “Today Show” hosts Meredith Viera (1) in Emilio Pucci EP2605 and Matt Lauer (2) in Karl Lagerfeld KL120, both from Marchon


Lens Marketing
Younger Offers New Wallchart, Tech Specs Binder
New Transitions P-O-S Materials Promote Health Sight, PGA Tour Sponsorship
Hawkins Optical Turns 60, Adds AR In-House


Street Seen
Sitting on the Op of the Bay...


As a professional salesperson, I love this word. Don’t you? If you don’t, you should.


Behold Her


Purple Craze
Call it violet, plum, lavender, lilac, orchid, mauve, magenta, amethyst or eggplant, there’s nothing hazy about purple.


Loving Lilly
If liking all things pink and green is a job requirement, then Jane Schoenborn (she is known as Janie) is a perfect match for Lilly Pulitzer.


Whats New
Sama Eyewear: Sahara Collection
Taking its design direction from the riches of ancient Egypt and utilizing state-of the-art, modern technology, Sahara by Sama Eyewear debuts.


Editors Note
You’re Info a Big Surprise
I need a break. This column has nothing to do with optical or frames or retailing or dispensing or independents vs. chains. I know. I know. You’re thinking I ALWAYS do that...but this time it’s for real.


Fashion Feature
Behold Her


Dear Abbe, You Color My World
In the early 1990s I attended a conference called the Polycarbonate Forum. It was organized by the late Joe Bruneni, lens expert and optical historian.


Crossing Abbe Road
Can millions of polycarbonate and high-index plastic lens wearers all be wrong?