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Nov 2007

November 2007 Cover


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Viva Las Videos
It was a hot time in the desert. Marchon was the official sponsor of the 2007 MTV Video Music Awards held this year at the Palms Hotel in Las Vegas.


West of Eden
It was time to rise and shine with Sàfilo eyewear last month. Sàfilo’s resident style guru Eden Wexler appeared on the “Live in Las Vegas” morning show on Fox Five’s KVVU to highlight some of the hottest shades and ophthalmics (and explain the term “ophthalmics”) before the start of Vision Expo West in Vegas.


Promo Primer
Hit the Road, Jack — If you’re feeling a bit lost on the road to a well-stocked dispensary, Eyewear Designs is having a promotion that will guide you.


We’re Shuron This Now
Our good friends at Shuron cleared up the mystery of some of the frames featured on the faces of the stars in “The Good Shepherd” film as highlighted in our September “Parting Glance.”


Mission Accomplished
Silhouette once again was on a mission… a space mission that is. NASA mission STS-118 on the Space Shuttle Endeavor, which took off in August, brought two new components to the ISS as well as supplies for the crew and Silhouette played an important part.


Proenza Schouler Eyewear Debuts on Runway
Accessories played a major supporting role in the Proenza Schouler Spring/Summer ’08 runway show held during New York Fashion Week.


Lab Watch
Cultivating New Business Opportunities


Hall of Frames
Double Your Fun — Academy Award winning actress Charlize Theron (1) wore not one but two different Versace sunglasses while attending the Venice Film Festival to promote her new movie “In the Valley of Elah.” She wears, respectively, style VE 4114 and VE4092, from Luxottica...


Lens Marketing
• Polycore Optical Unveils New Branding Strategy
• VSP Labs Names First “Tic. Tac. Go!” Winners
• Specialty Changes Name, Launches New Programs


Street Seen
Some venture the premise that New York SETS the trends when it comes to style, stature (did he mean statue?) and insight. The eyewear spied here certainly empowers that opinion.


Customer Service and the Golden Rule
Remember: Selling is a process in which the eyecare professional helps a patient to acquire all the goods and/or services that would assist that patient to fulfill any and all visual needs in exchange for compensation.


Into the Woods

Photographed by NED MATURA; Senior Features Editor GLORIA NICOLA

It’s a natural. Widely used in interior design, furniture, top-grade housewares, textiles and the internal trim of exclusive cars, wood is also a natural choice for eyewear—combining the earthy simplicity of the material with sophisticated design for an ecologically friendly product. It’s light, feels comfortable on the skin and its warm tones flatter any complexion. Available in a vast range of hues and grains, wood can stand alone or be adorned with colors, patterns or accents. Enjoy your walk in the woods.

Exotic wood consists of amourette wood, also known as snakewood because of its distinctive markings resembling snakeskin (red-brown with black stripes). The tree grows in French Guiana, South America. Extremely hard and dense, the wood is mainly used in the manufacturing of small decorative craft items, jewelry and violin bows.


Whats New
Smilen Eyewear: A List
Smilen Eyewear introduces its A List collection. The line consists of 40 styles in stainless steel and zyl, featuring bright, bold colors and patterns. Shapes are predominantly variations on rectangles.


Whats New
Colors in Optics: Colors in Optics Collection
A pioneering force in the eyewear industry, Sanford Hutton, founder of Colors in Optics, brought color to eyeglass frames in the 1970s. His initial collection consisted of eight silhouettes in 12 colors each.


Whats New
Fusion Eyewear: Jean Paul Gaultier
Fusion Eyewear presents its Jean Paul Gaultier line, consisting of 40 ophthalmic styles and 31 sunglasses. Targeted to fashion-driven individuals 35 to 55 looking for an iconic product that makes a bold statement, the eyewear collection is all about the intricate designs that let you know it’s distinctly Gaultier—the French designer known as the bad boy of fashion.


Whats New
Allison: Missoni
Allison launches its Missoni Eyewear line, consisting of 10 ophthalmic styles and 12 sunglasses in metal, acetate and metal/acetate combinations.


Editors Note
This issue of 20/20 addresses one of our favorite trendsetting directions: the ever-increasing appeal of combining zyl and metal materials as a most viable and appealing frame choice


A Safe Bet
For many eyecare professionals, keeping up with the latest safety eyewear requirements can be a daunting task. In fact, some practices don’t feel the time spent dispensing safety eyewear is worth the hassle.


Multiple Pairs, The Hard Way
I hadn’t seen my friend Jack in many years. In fact, the last time he was in New York Bill Clinton had just taken up residence in the White House.


Lab Usage Survey
The constant introduction of new products and technologies, particularly ophthalmic lenses and lens treatments, is creating challenges as well as opportunities for vision care professionals. As doctors and dispensers work to stay abreast of these changes, they are placing greater demands on their labs.


Lord of the Rim-less
To succeed as a small independent dispenser you must stand out from a pack increasingly crowded by chain retailers offering the lowest price. Bill Curran, owner of William J. Curran & Sons Guild Optical in Drexel, Pa., and his business partner Mike Shanahan have done just that.


Keeping It Simple Part II
In Part Two, we  discuss fashion-brand grouping and creating frame-lens  packages for children and presbyopes.