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Sep 2004

September 2004 Cover


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Show Stories
We showcase some unbeatable eyewear styles for the fall… and beyond.


All Eyes on Accessories
The right accessories can bring excitement—and profit—to the opti-retail mix.


Grand Illusions
High-end style meets friendly service in Northern California


Whats New
What;s New
Spotlighting the latest collections from Tura, Luxottica, Altair, Sàfilo, New York Eye/A Hart Specialties Company, Elite, Allison, Metzler and Intrigue/International Minds.


On The Edge
Finishing wrap lenses, whether for sunwear or streetwear, depends on skilled handwork. Prescription wrap lenses usually have thicker edges, especially in the nasal and/or temporal areas—due to the prescription, lens size and decentration—and can be a particular problem in minus powers given the use of steeper base curves.