Empire of the Sun
You need Sun. Your very existence and success thrives on its place on every face you face. It’s THAT simple.

Perfect Vision
With a celebratory 40 years of impeccable 20/20 Magazine eyewear style features and trend setting, you should expect nothing less than

It’s time to “lower” your eye level (about two feet or so) and elevate your appreciation of the hot style status of Kidz Eyewear these days.

See This for 2015

Power to the Peeps
In the fall of 2012, I had the pleasure of observing a nonprofit organization provide free eye exams and eyewear to children...

David Keith… ROCKS
His name is David Keith. His eyewear is Spexwax. All I really want to say is… HE ROCKS:

All Kidding Aside...
Selling eyewear to kids can be tricky, but also rewarding and lucrative. For those independents selling to the under 14 age group...

Preserving the Optical Experience
Seven years ago, Blake Mycoskie, a young entrepreneur, was running a software company. While on vacation in Argentina...

Top Cat
The cat tales continue… rightfully so.

Clawing Their Way Back
Sometimes you just gotta take form over function.

In 1969, the first Cutler and Gross shop was established by Graham Cutler and Tony Gross in London. The two...



The Eyes of the Dragon
 A conversation with 20/20’s Breanna Benz

There’s no mistaking the fact that Sport Eyewear has ATTITUDE.

Remember those sport goggles from junior high that looked like nerdy face masks?

Branding matters. Renowned sport eyewear brands are adding to and expanding on their Rx collections...

OpSPORTunity Knocks
Though still basically a smart-choice niche, Sport Eyewear is increasingly everywhere when it comes to choosing...