It’s time to “lower” your eye level (about two feet or so) and elevate your appreciation of the hot style status of Kidz Eyewear these days.

Power to the Peeps
In the fall of 2012, I had the pleasure of observing a nonprofit organization provide free eye exams and eyewear to children...

All Kidding Aside...
Selling eyewear to kids can be tricky, but also rewarding and lucrative. For those independents selling to the under 14 age group...

Top Cat
The cat tales continue… rightfully so.



This is Bobbi Brown
Her dresser top was neatly lined with rows of lipsticks in every shade imaginable—reds, pinks, plums—followed by an endless array of eye shadows, blush compacts...

Eye Declare
May we boldly introduce frames that smartly and clearly state: Eye Declare!

Stunning Sun
Picture a day that starts with a glorious SunRise AND ends with an even more regal SunRise. Yes. You read that right. With SUNS like this, who needs night?! 

Eye Wonder What's Up Spring 2014
Ten photos including 38 pairs of eyewear and sunwear. The specific groupings declare certain messages about upcoming trends covering a range of opti-topics.

Lap of Luxury
An area filled with promising and eager shoppers located on the gold coast of Chicago, Oak Street is a luxury shopping destination for those...

Cat Club
Join the club that’s meant for you and me… or more precisely for women. Any woman. Because who does
not benefit from an uplift...