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A Couple of Great,,,Sunglasses

Photographed by JILL WACHTER
Fashion Editor: GLORIA NICOLA
Hair and Makeup: KRISTINE OULMAN/R.J. Bennett

A Couple of Great…Sunglasses
Pick an outdoor setting. Any season.
Any reason. Picture a perfect couple. Complete the scene with that essential accessory—the perfect pair of sunglasses…
Because the sun knows no season… And sunglasses are so cool, they’re always hot.

GUESS? 280 No Dice (him) from Guess? Eyewear
• Circle No. 237; NORMA KAMALI Catwalk from Avalon Eyewear/Member of Nassau Vision Group • Circle No. 219

MICHAEL KORS 18336 (her) from CXD/Charmant Exclusive Division • Circle No. 231; SILHOUETTE SPX 4048 from Silhouette Optical • Circle No. 247

A Couple of… Sun Spots

Retro is Now. And it’s Now Retro. Vintage-inspired designs sport modern twists—titanium frame materials, ultra-thin plastics, nosepads, reinforced plastic bridges.

Giant-size is still Glamorous when it comes to women’s sunglasses. The Jackie O look thrives by virtue of blending with any trend—be it ’60s retro or a stroll down the latest celebrity red carpet event.

Conserving their energy, men’s styles focus on high-tech, high-quality and universal wearability.

Sport continues to influence style.

Style continues to influence sport. Tortoise, quite simply, continues.

Laminated zyls add richness via color combos, artistic layered cuts and techniques that deliver iridescent effects.  

Iridescent Effects.

Animal prints are on the prowl.

Leather and Suede textures have a field day on the runways and glasses do the same on the sunways.

Side Shields originally designed to provide added peripheral protection for such extreme sports as mountain climbing now also make a fashion statement.

from B. Robinson Optical • Circle No. 245

LAUREN HUTTON LS91 (her) from Rem Eyewear • Circle No. 244;
NIKON Luminosi-Ti 1004 from Metzler International USA • Circle No. 242

CHRISTIAN DIOR Diorlight/S (her) from Sàfilo USA • Circle No. 246; OCEAN DRIVE C. Grove from Moja Design • Circle No. 243

VIA SPIGA 308-S (her) from Zyloware • Circle No. 249; EMPORIO ARMANI 232-S from Emporio Armani Occhiali • Circle No. 235

GIANFRANCO FERRE 57003 (her) from Allison Eyewear • Circle No. 218;
CAZAL 928 from Eastern States Eyewear
& Ultra Palm Optical • Circle No. 234

FENDI 230 (him) from Marchon Eyewear
• Circle No. 241; THALIA Primavera
from Lancer International/Division
of Kenmark Group
• Circle No. 238

KIPLING 529 (him) from L’Amy Group • Circle No. 240;
ESCADA 1267from TURA • Circle No. 248