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Rimless Love

Photographed by NEDJELJKO MATURA
Fashion Editor:
Gloria Nicola
Rimless Love
Everyone is in love with rimless eyewear. Consumers want “more” of this look that’s less. So the clever folks that develop eyewear frames are coming up with more variations on this sizzling optical mainstay. And these new options are equally limitless. AND… it’s not all about drilling and three-piece mounts. With the current fast-forward, trending toward semi-rimless and new variations on lens to frame mounting, the options of shape, color and style now afford you the option of offering eyewear’s biggest buzz in an endless variety of face-fantastic options.

One For All
This is pure rimless love… a combination of soft, brushed metal with shimmering mint rims and a lens shape that declares élan. Thank you, Alain… again.
ALAIN MIKLI AO 425 from Alain Mikli
In-finite Solutions
Semi-rimless always offers the security of a grooved rim mounting with the clarity of no frame structure on the bottom edge of the lens. This configuration is a boom for those reader (and reading) obsessed emerging presbyopes. This frame setup is a brilliant progressive lens partner.
Clockwise from top left: BCBG MAX AZRIA Paloma from ClearVision Optical; PIERRE CARDIN 438 from Eyewear Designs; KATA Torque 4 Legacie Eyewear/A Luxury House of B Robinson Optical; CW BLISS Lowdown from Lancer International/Division of Kenmark Group; MAX STUDIO Morphosis 902 from Eye Q Eyewear
Play the Blues
Did somebody out there say blue is the new black for men? Total rimless could never convey that but semi can certainly signal that definite fashion color factor.
CK Calvin Klein 5503 from Marchon Eyewear
Madame in Metal
Always known for her miraculous color sense, Madame Lafont is equally up to the tone-task when it comes to adding a beautiful, blue hue to the simple sliver of a metal semi-rimless frame.
NEVA from Lafont
Waving the Piece Sign
There is nothing that says minimal better than a classic three-piece mounted frame with simple drill holes and high-tech hinges joined to a super slim temple piece.
COVERGIRL 314 from Marcolin USA; MICROTECH 1167L from Altair Eyewear; SILHOUETTE 6499 from Silhouette Optical; JALAPENOS Pico from A&A Optical; PEPSI 3209 from New York Eye/A Hart Specialties Company
Honking Your Horn
The horn look and coloration is a hot trend and semi-rimless can easily accommodate that flash of rich tone.
JAGUAR 3901 from Eastern States Eyewear
Timeless Options
Nothing adds better substance, style and sense-of-purpose to a pure rimless frame than a masterful sunclip. The method of affixing the clip is always key and our featured styles deliver with a honed flair for innovation and style.
REVOLUTION AIRS 1231 from Revolution Eyewear; 2.5 EYEPHORICS from Italee Optics

Beyond Semi
In Rimless
The next step after semi-rimless frames that border on the top of the lens are hot, new structures that actually float the lens off the support. It takes a “pro” to “design” this interesting advance.
PRO DESIGN 7334 from Pro Design Eyewear
Semi Pros
The design direction of semi-rimless styles hit new heights with frames that delicately wrap lenses in a variety of degrees and dimensions. Fashion-forward consumers thrive on these trendsetting rim variations and their potential to offer new color options to the seemingly rimless attitude.
CHRISTIAN ROTH 14034 from Charmant Group USA; 40 DEGREES NORTH  Jane Street from Metzler International (USA); RALPH LAUREN 907+ from Sàfilo USA
Gem Spa
Gems and jewels are totally at home as the main rimless accoutrement. Nothing makes a precious stone stand out better than a near-invisible and simple setting.
T2 GEM 127 from the Lens Work; CHANEL 2076B from Luxottica Group; LULU GUINNESS 614 from Tura; CAVIAR 1828 from Ultra Palm Optical
Licensing Agreement
The minimalist nature of rimless matches up well with brands dedicated to complementing timeless style with cutting-edge function.
BODYGLOVE 202 from AAi.FosterGrant Optical
Face Lace
Via Spiga is alone and allured with this uniquely successful creation. The lens is truly rimless in terms of support but a delicate back-lace of violet colored metal offers subtle yet dramatic frame interest.
VIA SPIGA Monteleone from Zyloware
Bridge Materials
The double bridge look sends a solid aviation message while offering tempered structure to the light flight of semi-rimless.
Tortoise and the Hair
Eyewear’s classic coloration of Havana has been mainly absent from the rimless craze… until now. Semi-rimless offers the perfect spot for a frame to be fashionably shelled by optical’s favorite coloration. And look for those top brow bars to get bold as semi-rimless styles quest a stronger facial identity.
ETRO 9798 from Viva Moda