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Seasons in the Sun

Photography by
Fashion Editor: GLORIA NICOLA
Dog Model: TUCKER
Photographed on location in Southampton, NY
Still photography by NEDJELJKO MATURA

Darkness Darkness
Fashion tints are fine and dandy but don’t mislead consumers into thinking
a hint of pink or an ever-so-mellow yellow is going to provide proper sun protection.
Dark does the trick.

ICEBERG 85613 from Colors in Optics (on him); CALVIN KLEIN 676S from Calvin Klein Eyewear

We Kit You Hot
Sunwear is a great opportunity for selling cleaning clothes and
promoting the benefits of well-designed cases. To encourage a positive response from consumers increasingly looking for valued extras, introduce the whole sunwear kit as soon as you present
the glasses.

LACOSTE 2400 from L’Amy Group

Red Carpet Treatment
Every month 20/20’s Upfront features numerous pics of celebrities in great, new sunglasses. Be ready for countless requests for those same styles… and also use our Hall of Frames feature as a way of marketing these trendsetting styles.


Sun Came Running
Sunglasses actually provide a double opportunity with the strong development of both sport and fashion sunglasses. But that opportunity has a serious optical professional aspect. Clearly define the visual and performance benefits of the categories so you can have a pleased rather than confused return customer.

NEW BALANCE Sun 513 from Eyewear Designs (on him); GIVENCHY SGV122 from Viva Moda

The Shape
of  Things to Come Sunwear has always been credited for the newest trends that eventually trickle down to ophthalmic frames. Just study the current influx of aviator shapes and details in order to stay ahead on the trends in your future Rx optical flight pattern.

ROBERTO CAVALLI 150S from Marcolin USA

Brand Loyalty
These days most designer and name brands have collections of both Rx frames AND sunwear. Use that smart vendor duplicity to your advantage when it comes to satisfying a customer keen on a particular name brand.

JONES NEW YORK 909 from Rem Optical

From top: MAUI JIM 108 from Maui Jim Sunglasses; VERA WANG 75 from Couteur Designs/Division of Kenmark Group, via spiga 404S from Zyloware

See the Light
Light frame colors such as cream and tan are always complemented by dark
sun lenses—green, black, brown. Use that contrast for dramatic face and showcase appeal.

PRADA SPR03F from Luxottica Group

When it comes to sun, polarization is one of the strongest lens tech selling points, nearly outdistancing the former standard (and still essential) UV protection. And if you don’t think consumers are aware of these benefits
an exciting career in radio repair awaits you.

PHIFLEX PR 002 from Jonathan Paul Eyewear

Sometimes Bigger is Better…
And with sun that bigger is usually best. Huge shades protect the eyes AND the face from sun damage. Just make sure massive side temples don’t visually interfere with patients intending to use the glasses for driving.

POLICE S2941 from Eastern States Eyewear (on her); TAZO from Selima Optique

From top: POLAROID 314E from Elite Eyewear; JAMAIQUE from Lafont;
CHRISTIAN ROTH 14240 from Charmant Group USA