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A Perfect Combo

Fashion Editor: GLORIA NICOLA

An inspired singer. A skilled guitarist. Perfect as soloists. Even better as a combo. You can play the same tune with eyewear materials. Monel, titanium, beta titanium, stainless steel, aluminum and memory metals are optical’s classical main metals and cutting-edge tech-notes. Now turn up the volume. Add zyl, wood or leather as a front, bridge, temples or even as a decorative accent. Mix and master lightweight comfort and partner it with bold style. It all makes for a masterly combo of form and function in perfect harmony.

From left: REVOLUTION IMF471, metal/plastic from Revolution Eyewear; VOGUE 2334, plastic/metal, from Luxottica Group

Combos of Talent
For our fashion shoot on combos (combination frame materials), 20/20 selected the perfect combo of models. Not only do the pair wear eyewear in “real” life (she has four pairs, including Lafont and Zip + Homme) and he wears frames from the See Eyewear line), they both have combined successful day jobs with a musical career… performing as a combo. Melissa Curiale works as the national manager of pre-college exams for Kaplan Test Prep and Admissions. She is also a singer who has performed in clubs for 10 years. She got her start singing the national anthem in school. When a former teacher, also a musician, remembered her and invited her to perform in a group, she agreed. Her vocal specialty is popular songs with a whimsical jazz twist.

Richard Dunlevy is an architect. A year ago he opened his own design store, Noi—New York, for which he designs furniture, glassware and ceramics. He’s also a guitarist and began performing out of financial necessity when he was a college student. A seasoned lefty, Richard explores the outer limits of jazz guitar, specializing on a custom-made seven-string guitar. He originally played with other architects, but for the past three years has been accompanying Melissa on his guitar at Onieal, a club on New York City’s lower east side.

Combined Assets
Consumers are always attentive to products that highlight STYLE and SUBSTANCE. Eyewear that combos the substantial lens holding assurance of a metal front with the stylistic whimsy of colorful zyl, enriched wood accents or laminated depth sing satisfied sell-through and lasting quality.

From top: D & G Dolce & Gabbana 4108, metal/plastic, from Marcolin USA;
KATA Caliper 1, titanium/plastic, from Legacie Eyewear/Luxury House of B. Robinson Optical; BOSS Hugo Boss 11548, metal/plastic, from Charmant Group USA; VALENTINO 1152, metal wood, from Sàfilo USA

Combined Assets
RIMLESS and SEMI-RIMLESS styles benefit from the beat of combined materials, offering the face-reality of LIGHTNESS with the added enhancement of color and texture.

From top: MARIUS MOREL 6452, metal/plastic, from Morel Cottet USA;
SILHOUETTE 6571, SPX/ titanium, from Silhouette Optical;
CAVIAR 1576, metal/wood,from Ultra Palm Optical;
MITANI EYEWEAR 61, titanium/plastic, from Mitani USA

Combined Assets
The current trend toward LARGER SHAPES and sizes is actually enhanced by the ARTISTIC MIX of materials. These bigger sizes and shapes often need the delicate blend of details in order to personalize a specific eyewear style. This objective of mixing materials for texture and surface interest has long been a staple of houseware, furniture and
automotive design.    

From top: ALAIN MIKLI AO142, metal/plastic, from Alain Mikli;
MARC ECKO SCOPES 5064 plastic/metal, from Viva International Group;
RED ROSE 602, titanium/plastic, from Metzler International (USA)

Combined Assets
What better way to enhance color then by introducing yet ANOTHER COLOR to the eyeglass mix all on the same frame. Purple begs for pink. Crystal screams for cream. Brown is always better with butter. Play up this dual accent for any patient trying to build up a colorful and varied EYEWEAR WARDROBE on a bit of a budget.

From top: MICHAEL Michael Kors M2618, plastic/leather,
from Marchon Eyewear; MAMBO, plastic/ titanium, from Lafont;
ZIP + HOMME 0251  plastic/metal, from L’Unique Optique; NEW BALANCE 358, plastic/ titanium, from Eyewear Designs

Combined Assets
Nothing turns up the volume on eye-catching eyewear like the introduction of EXOTIC materials such as bone, carbon-fiber, aluminum and a host of recently introduced out-of-the-optical-ordinary materials.

NORMA KAMALI 7207, titanium/plastic, from Avalon Eyewear; EDWARD BEINER MIAMI Timba, plastic/metal from EBX Optik; VIA SPIGA Follina, bronze/plastic, from Zyloware; ESQUIRE 410, carbon/grilamid/ titanium, from Rem Eyewear