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The theme:
Definitive trend-setting styles.
The chapters:
•Super-sized Glamour
•Retro Redux
•Zyl Style
•Rimless Revolution
•Singing the Blues and Other Hues
•Tortoise Tales
•Rectangles Rule
•Architectural Angles
•Logo Lingo
•All a Glitter
Summary: Unbeatable styles for the fall… and beyond.
So crack open this Special Show Time Book. It’s our Eyewear Story.

Fashion Editor: GLORIA NICOLA
Editorial Assistant: LAUREN SIEGAL

Rimless reaches for the Iconic stratosphere enshrined in eyewear’s coolest hue, blue.
SHOWandSELL Certain eyewear brands sell themselves by virtue of unquestionable quality, cutting- edge design and a leadership tradition of style. Such brands literally “sell on show” so you really can’t afford to NOT have them in your frame mix.
FRAME SILHOUETTE 6495 from Silhouette Optical

BRIDGE WORK The double brow takes a new bow with this close-set setting. Notice the serious architectural angles creating a pseudo-rimless,
suspension effect in this fully rimed style.
SHOWandSELL For the foreseeable future the elongated rectangle shape rules men’s eyewear. Reasonable considering the fact that the extra width makes up for the sharpness of the shallow depth. That rework of proportions delivers the substantial sizing men often crave in their facewear.
FRAME ALAIN MIKLI A0367 from Alain Mikli

TAKE A BROW High style goes high brow with dots of jeweled symmetry. Just tortoise, of course, to totally complement the sparkle.
SHOWandSELL The top brow of any frame is the prime source of added style. If a house thrives on “curb appeal,” face certainly sings by the top brow of its wearer’s eyewear.
FRAME BLUMARINE 90422 from Colors in Optics

FOREVER FLY-BOYS Boys Everything old is new again in this upcoming eyewear season. The aviator honored, yet updated, works for men of all ages. But this is definitely NOT your father’s old eyewear. To prove our point, check out the single-piece wrap-around nosepad: comfortable and cool.
SHOWandSELL A faithful customer is about to walk out of the shop without new glasses. Blame yourself if you haven’t taken a close look at the latest tech and detail developments of some faithful eyewear styles like this eye
sky-pilot look.
FRAME LE MAN 4200C from Morel Cottet

SING THE BLUES When it comes to men, blue is the re-newed black… and… its legitimate for casual, business and dress occasions.  With its lightweight metal temples and high-tech design, this frame is the perfect man-demand mix of style and sensibility.
SHOWandSELL Always give your male customer a range of color choices from conservative (i.e. tortoise and black) to modern (i.e. blue). Their adventurous spirit might surprise you and even lead to a multiple sale.
FRAME 4th DIMENSION 4611 from Pro Design Eyewear

ELEGANTLY SUIT-ABLE Top brow accents complement jewelry-driven temple treatments in the new face of deluxe eyewear. Promise her anything… but give her Chanel.
SHOWandSELL You cannot sell eyewear without a deep (and constantly evolving) understanding of consumer brand loyalties. And it pays to know those key top-tier brands commanding total customer devotion.
FRAME CHANNEL 3076-B from Luxottica Group

FOILED AGAIN The cherished trend of foiling returns and succeeds especially when teamed with eyewear’s semi-rimless revolution. The etched detailing works to convey the creative chinaware so recognized as distinctly Royal Doulton.
SHOWandSELL Using a familiar eyewear technique such as foiling is an inroad to selling long-time patients on the benefits of some cutting-edge design trends such as minimal rimless glasses.
FRAME ROYAL DOULTON 25 from Lawrence Eyewear Mystique

SPLIT LEVEL The new split look of bi-colors in zyl delivers a solid full frame with a semi-rimless attitude. In this particular style black joins clear crystal in a nostalgic salute that says, “I’ve joined the club-man.”
SHOWandSELL The actual artifact of eyewear goes beyond business and into the realm of appreciating the history of glasses. The dispenser’s task is understanding that revered past and making it come alive on the face.
FRAME KISURA 525 from Mitani USA

BIG TIME The oversized glamour of sunwear has touched the star power of ophthalmic frames. Bigger isn’t just better… it’s truly bigger. Note that square shape. It’s a solid trend worth watching.
SHOWandSELL These dramatically over-sized styles simply beg for a sun partner. Present that option clearly since a consumer willing to sample super-sized glamour is certainly always in the market for some sun style.
FRAME BRENDEL 908122 from BBH Eyewear

EYEGLASS TRI-UMVERATE Three current maxims for the modern women’s spectacles: inner coloring, oh so subtle logoing and shades of brown.
SHOWandSELL The increasingly popular “playful” women brands are becoming highly adept at merging whimsy with sophistication. And that formula is extending successfully into their eyewear licenses. Take a good look at the young women wearing eyewear. What’s on their faces delivers the selling wave of your future.
FRAME CANDIE’S Shannon from Viva International Group

THE TORTOISE MEETS THE HAIR Nothing complements a touch of silver better than a dash of Havana. Anyone would be hard pressed to find any color that does not coordinate with the brown and yellow striations of tortoise. That contrasting range includes the dramatic new rainbow of fashionable ties for men.
SHOWandSELL The easiest way to introduce new and dramatic shapes to your customers is to find radical styles interpreted with the tortoise coloration.
FRAME DRAKE from Oliver Peoples

AUTUMN ALMANAC Sunburnt bronze, gold and tortoise create a cool fall blend. Metal endpieces coordinate with the color scheme for a finished look.
SHOWandSELL Never underestimate the power of branding with male consumers. As an example, Converse is a powerful name for any athletic-minded Baby Boomer and Gen-X-er. The brand has recently been re-energizing. That increased strength makes for an obvious eyewear brand allegiance.
FRAME CONVERSE Chaos from Rem Eyewear

CENTER STAGE Dot your eyes with a single-piece nosepad. Rotating temples and spring hinges give this frame an authentic, yet functional feel.
 SHOWandSELL Build your sell around brands that capitalize on specific strengths. New Balance is known for its high-tech solutions in footwear. Its eyewear delivers that same functional quality. Encourage your vendor and frame reps to detail all of a frame’s features.
FRAME NEW BALANCE 35 from Eyewear Designs

FLIGHTS OF FANCY Semi-suspended, rimless frames come in endless successful variations. And fluid eyewear shapes continue to follow the sharp, but flattering geometry of architecture.
SHOWandSELL Play up the jeweled, diamond-like qualities of lens edges on
rimless styles. You don’t need 20/20 to tell you that WOMEN LOVE JEWELRY.
FRAME VERA WANG V106 from Couteur Designs/Division of Kenmark Group

SOFT SPOOKEN GENTLEMAN Be clear, but be quiet. Men love their brands, but they usually prefer that their logos be subtle. This understated strength of black teamed with inner crystal detailing creates a confident look.
SHOWandSELL Black frames complement EVERY eye color and nearly every skin tone. And black makes dull gray hair look startlingly silver.
FRAME STETSON 218 from Zyloware

BLUE WHO? The new powder blue hue mixes with traditional tortoise
in a rectangle that borders on the dare-to-be-square look.
SHOWandSELL Men love those big TV plasma screens. They trust the panorama effect of a full view. And in a carefully designed frame that shape offers minimal outer edge distraction, always a plus for customers leery of the rash of down-sized, shallow frames.
FRAME JEFF BANKS 607 from Metzler International (USA)

LEATHER REPORT Eyewear continues to team well with accents found in accessories such as handbags and belts. Perhaps that’s why brown,
the leather mainstay, is now one of eyewear’s special colorations. And the material accent of leather continues to gain frame (board) space,
especially in sunglasses.
SHOWandSELL Divas love logos. Dig deep into your customer’s likes and dislikes on the logo subject. It saves time knowing immediately if that name on the logo is having a positive affect.
FRAME FENDI 595R1 from Marchon Eyewear

DYNAMIC DUO Olive meets aqua in a startling combo that makes these color opposites an attractive face complement. The mid-temple connection and the mix of colors add eye drama to a slight, simple zyl.
SHOWandSELL Styles that take the bold move of shifting temples to the mid position actually take better opti advantage of overall lens depth, a sure selling point when dealing with older patients traditionally partial to fuller frame sizes.

NEWS FLASH Semi-flash meets semi-tint in a blue tone that reflects tough/secure attitude. Brushed metal reinforces the mood.
SHOWandSELL Blessed are the eyewear collections and brands that feature ophthalmic AND sun styles. That depth of choice gives the retailer the easier option of selling multiple pairs blanketed by the same branding story.
FRAME POLICE 2903 from Eastern States Eyewear