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Where The Buffalo Roam

From top: ONONO Maria Theresia from ic! berlin; NATUREIWEAR R3 from Luxee; GOLD & WOOD Nakuru from EBX Optik; IGOR from horn-I; ROBI Horn Collection 554/1 from Robi; KIESELSTEIN-CORD That’s A Croc III from Optical Shop of Aspen Horn courtesy of Luxee
Where The Buffalo Roam
You herd it here first. That buffalo is big. In opti-lux retail shops and on the faces of high-end consumers everywhere. Not the entire buffalo, of course, but the buffalo horn. It has become the ultimate frame for natural, understated elegance. Non allergenic and lighter than zyl, buffalo horn is anti static and feels warmer and softer than plastic. And because every horn is slightly different in coloration, each pair of eyewear becomes a one-of-a-kind product… allowing the wearer to stand apart from the herd.