Eyewear and Trends: Frames and Sunwear Trends


Sun of Rimless

Fashion Editor Gloria Nicola
Photographed by
Nedjeljko Matura

Rimless ophthalmics, an important—but until just a few years ago—a small niche product category, begat the hugely popular rimless sun—most notably the oversize, glamourous shield that immediately took to the streets and runways. Riding the wave of its success in sun, these rimless designs filtered into the mainstream ophthalmic market. This rebirth of ophthalmic rimless designs added more fuel to sun styles… And the cycle goes on…as rimless continues to dominate all segments of eyewear.

From top: GIANFRANCO FERRE 55402 from Allison Eyewear; CHARRIOL 7071C from Colors in Optics; JALAPENOS SOL Inca from A&A Optical; HARLEY-DAVIDSON Sun 405 from Viva International Group; ESCADA 1348 from Tura; SEIKO Titanium 453C with polarized,
rimless flip-up clip from Seiko Optical Products

Rimless—and semi-rimless options—are limitless. Here’s a sampling of basic “rimless”styles:
• Three-piece drill mounts with temples and bridge mounted directly on the lenses.
• Rims on the upper half of the lens.
• Rims on the bottom half of the lens.
• Rims on the top and bottom of the lens but not on the sides.
• Rims only on the sides.
• Lenses rising above, falling below or suspended from a top browbar.
• Lenses affixed to a browbar near the bridge—literally floating away from the frame without touching the temples.
• Lenses mounted over a full frame.