Features: Focus


Frontsy Backsy

Top to bottom: CYNTHIA ROWLEY 0176 from Lancer International/Division of Kenmark Group;
KENNETH COLE 514 Broome Street from Marcolin USA; JALAPENOS Jigsaw from A&A Optical;
EDWARD BEINER Delano from EBX Optik;
CHRISTIE BRINKLEY Lola from Nouveau Eyewear;
JOAN COLLINS 9654 from New York Eye/A Hart Specialties Company


As the color story unfolds and continues to evolve from double and triple laminates, a clear trend emerges: The inner delights of the frame interior—one of eyewear’s best attributes. Delights, totally different from the exterior and known only to the wearer. Although these hidden secrets range from bold animal stripes, prints and plaids married with a monochromatic front, a subtle variation in color families—deep plum on the outside, light plum on the inside—to startling contrasts—black or navy on the exterior and lime green or fuchsia on the interior—the message is the same. Discreet pleasures that give a lift to the eyewear... and the wearer.