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Deluxe Addition

Photography by STEVE MELNICK
Fashion Editor: GLORIA NICOLA

Dresses by Anne Klein, Jones New York & Shape FX by Newport News; white chiffon scarf by Helen Werth All men’s formal furnishings courtesy of Robert Talbott, (800) 747-8778;
Tuxedo jacket from CK by Calvin Klein
For the purposes of this photo shoot, high-end eyewear is defined as frames that sell to the dispenser at $100 and above.

Velvet Underground
Don’t think you’re going to sell Deluxe eyewear by
blowing away some dust on the counter, opening up a cobwebbed drawer and plopping down a big-buck frame. You need to focus on the quality of your displays, the velvet touch of your cases, the impeccable grooming of your hands and your staff’s hands and the gleaming polish of any part of the eyewear package you present. If retailing is about “location… location… location” then Deluxe eyewear retailing is certainly about “setting… setting… setting.”

Frame: KARMA 4 from Face a Face

King Solomon’s Minds
Not just women are impressed by a jewel or two. Many a man is looking for a smart, yet discrete, gem placement or jeweled logo treatment to deliver an enriched message.

Frame: BVLGARI 168 from Luxottica Group

Formal Engagement
It never hurts to inquire about upcoming special events that might provide opportunities for your patients to wear special eyewear. Weddings, anniversaries and other date-specific festivities are extravagant celebrations often in need of dazzling glasses. And making note of those dates certainly gives any retailer the key to caring… even if you don’t make the sale.

Frame: ICON from Sama Eyewear

Limitless Possibilities
Worried about collections with set minimum buy requirements?  Don’t be. Resourceful retailers always find a way to find product that can suit all of their potential customers. The glory of these “brand new” times is that there is always suitable and equal competition waiting to do business on a fair playing field that
benefits both the savvy retailer and the discriminating shopper.

Frame: ROBERT LA ROCHE 659 from Uniopt

Rethink “Premium”
Premium is becoming an overused and often misused word. Consumers begrudgingly buy premium gas and search for cheap premium giveaways in products ranging from dry cereals to toys in fast-food kid meals. Ditch the word and build your first-class business on Deluxe additions that are rich in appeal AND quality AND service. If you are entering the world of deluxe eyewear retailing be prepared to follow through with dedicated (and free) service. 

Frame: TAG HEUER 4006 from Premiere Vision

Royal Red
There’s something about red. It spells deluxe better than any other color other than the metallic silver and gold. Irrational? Undoubtedly. Irresponsible? Possibly. Irresistible? For sure. Indelible? Just lay down a similar colored carpet and let the Deluxe parade begin beating a path to your store.

Frame: ALAIN MIKLI A0412 from Alain Mikli

Hint of Tint
Quiet tinting is a perfect complement to deluxe styles. It adds drama and character to the presentation and justifies the regal setting of the frame.

Frame: CHARRIOL PC 7097 from Colors in Optics

Age Be For Beauty
Don’t get hung up on demographic clichés when it comes to Deluxe eyewear. Its
attraction is ageless. Various styles appeal to a select and focused variety of age groups but… we repeat… its appeal is ageless.

Frame: MICHAEL KORS 572 from Marchon Eyewear

Rec-ular Guy
Men’s deluxe styles have a particular way of making mainstream shapes especially attractive. Men have truly embraced the elongated rectangular shape and Lux richly lives there, luring them.

Frame: ZENITH 7332 from Pro Design Eyewear