Eyewear and Trends: Frames and Sunwear Trends


On the Road

Fashion Editor Gloria Nicola
Photographed by
Nedjeljko Matura

From top: SIREN, plastic butterfly, from Costa Del Mar • Circle No. 206; PERSOL 2692-S, plastic rectangle, from Luxottica Group • Circle No. 208; ICE-TECH 91722, modified plastic oval, from Ice-Tech • Circle No. 207; MAUI JIM 135, metal bowtie with plastic temples, from Maui Jim Sunglasses • Circle No. 209; SERENGETI 6745, modified metal oval with plastic temples, from Serengeti/ Subsidiary of Bushnell Performance Optics • Circle No. 210
Hit the road Jack. As in author Jack Kerouak. Grab a map. Shove off in a clapped-out Chevy. And don’t forget those shades… with polarized lenses, of course. No tech in recent history makes for a more dramatic eye experience while driving. Glare begone. Sun be shunned. Snow be sorry. Fog beware. Polarization blocks light at certain angles, removing glare and providing contrast. Clearly the road worth taking.

• Brown/Amber: This is an excellent option for driving because the color lessens the glare of scattered light from dirty windshields, smog and haze, provides contrasts and minimizes eye strain.

• Gray/Green: The color of choice for driving in style with fast function.