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Mod Headquarters

Fashion Editor Gloria Nicola
Photographed by
Nedjeljko Matura

Clockwise from front center: MORGENTHAL-FREDERICS Gaberdine, black plastic  rectangular sunglass, from Morgenthal-Frederics Eyewear • Circle No. 220; SMILEN 2057, brown plastic rectangle, from Smilen Eyewear • Circle No. 221; SENECA, black plastic preppie design, from Anglo American Eyewear • Circle No. 218; TARIK, purple plastic rectangle with pearlized white temples, from Kirk Originals  • Circle No. 219

HQ INFO: Headquarters first assaulted the music scene as the featured band of “American Mod” a docudrama that premiered at New York City's prestigious Anthology Film Archives. Based on an original idea by lead singer Charles Wallace, the film was recently aired on cable TV’s Sundance Channel. For more info on the band's Cakewalk CD and their soundtrack from “American Mod” visit
Mod Headquarters
The nice thing about Modern is it never gets old. That's why Mod eyewear looks good anyway, anyhow and  anywhere. It's starkly simple. It never strays far from a singular color palate (like–uh—black). And the shape, from rectangular to circular, makes geometric sense on any face. Mod music has those same qualities. Early proponents like The Who  in the ’60s and The Jam in the ’70s knew their way around simple fashion statements as well as sonic song situations. What better place to face  our new mod styles than on Headquarters, the hottest rock group from THESE MODern 2003 times.